CXAS datasheet, CXAS pdf, CXAS data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Panasonic, CXAS. cxa Datasheet PDF Download – FM / AM, cxa data sheet. CXAS Datasheet PDF Download – CXAS, CXAS data sheet.

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FM section of the IC is only utilized in this circuit. The IF output available at pin 15 is grounded through resistor R1.

(PDF) CXA1019S Datasheet download

C1 is the AC bypass capacitor for R1. Capacitor C16 is meant for ripple filtering.

Datashet D1 is a tuning indicator. Output of the built-in detector stage pin24 is coupled to the input pin 25 of the built in AF amplifier stage through capacitor C19, POT R2 and capacitor C The POT R2 can be used as a volume control because it controls the input given to the audio amplifier stage.



Capacitor C15 couples the audio output to the speaker and C14 is a noise bypass capacitor. The FM intermediate frequency output available at pin 15 is filtered using the 10MHz ceramic filter and applied to the FM intermediate frequency input pin Capacitor Datsaheet is used for bypassing noise from the audio power amplifier section inside the IC.

The output of this power amplifier section is around mW. Resistor R3 is the feedback capacitor for the AGC section.

CXAS Datasheet pdf – CXAS – Panasonic

T1 is just the primary of the FM IF transformer. Only the primary winding ends vxa1019 used the primary tap and secondary winding are not used. Please go through the following site. Do you have any hints for me?


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