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Reinforced Concrete Structures: Design according to CSA A [Omar Chaallal, Mohamed Lecherni] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. visions for the seismic design of high-strength concrete structures in the Canadian standard CSA A– It is noted that the Canadian standard. This paper presents the background experimental and analytical research that was carried out to develop the provisions for the seismic design.

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Development length — the length of embedded reinforcement required to develop the design strength of reinforcement. See Note 3 of the preliminary Notes to Annex C. The top surface of the column concrete placed in the floor shall extend at least mm into the floor from the face of the column.

Reinforced Concrete Structures: Design According to CSA A – Omar Chaallal – Google Books

Bundled bars shall be tied, wired, or otherwise fastened together to ensure that they remain in position. A continuously wound tie should also have seismic hooks at each end. Except for connections that are part of a primary seismic force resisting system, this requirement may be waived if the connection is fsa on four sides by beams or slabs of approximately equal depth. Tumkur In addition to the members of the Committee, the following people contributed to the development and publication of this Standard: The crack spacing parameter, szshall be taken as dv or as the maximum distance between layers of distributed longitudinal reinforcement, whichever is less.

Using an original approach, the authors present the subject matter as clearly and effectively as possible. Canadian Standards Association Design of concrete structures foundation. However, Vs shall not be taken as greater than Vf.

Standards Council of Canada

If Vf exceeds 0. N newtons ; c length: Pile casing — a steel tube or liner used for pre-drilled cast-in-place concrete pile construction. Maximum spacing limits for transverse reinforcement in columns of ductile frames have been changed. Each aspect is carefully illustrated and is the subject of a thorough theoretical development. Plastic hinge — a region of a caa where inelastic flexural curvatures occur. Column capital — an enlargement of the column adjacent to the underside of a slab to improve the shear strength of the slab.


Some examples of non-homogeneous equations are found in Clauses Design displacement — the total lateral displacement expected for the design basis earthquake calculated in accordance with Clause 4.

Reinforced concrete — concrete that is reinforced with not less than the minimum amount of reinforcement required by Clauses 7 to 21 and 23 and is designed on the assumption that the two materials act together in resisting forces.

Ductile shear wall — a223.3-04 shear wall that complies with Clauses Collector — an element that serves to transfer forces within a structural diaphragm to members of the seismic force resisting system.

Canadian Standards Association Design of concrete structures 6. Learning resources Learn more about standardization and the Standards Council of Canada.

Canadian Standards Association Design of concrete structures Resistance factor — the factor, specified in Clause 8. Canadian Standards Association Sa 0.

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Project MUSE – Reinforced Concrete Structures : Design according to CSA A

The List ID for this document is The equations in Clause Joist construction shall meet the following limits: Partial prestressing — prestressing such that the calculated tensile stresses under specified loads exceed the limits specified in Clause The information in this document is directed to those who have the appropriate degree of experience to use and apply its contents, and CSA accepts no responsibility whatsoever arising in any way from any and all use of or reliance on the information contained in this document.


Special requirements for parking structures are specified in CSA S Anchorage of the reinforcement shall be explicitly considered. In Equationdv may be taken as the flexural lever arm corresponding to the factored moment resistance.

Wobble friction — friction caused by the unintended deviation of prestressing sheath or duct from its specified profile. Live load — a specified live load as defined in the National Building Code of Canada.

To receive printed updates, please complete and return the attached card. CSA does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, or currency of any of the information published in this document. Deformed wire or welded wire fabric of equivalent area may be used.

N newtons ; c length: The area of this reinforcement shall be not less than 0. Pedestal — an upright compression member with a ratio of unsupported height to least lateral dimension of less than 3. All non-prestressed longitudinal bars of sizes 35M, 45M, and 55M, and all bundled bars, shall be enclosed by ties of at least size 10M. Regions of members near openings may be designed using the strut-and-tie model see Clause Annex D deals with anchors cast into the concrete or post-installed into hardened concrete.

Moderately ductile moment-resisting frame — a moment-resisting frame that complies with Clauses Thin shell — a three-dimensional spatial structure made up of one or more curved slabs or folded plates whose thicknesses are small compared to their other dimensions. Flexural shear wall — a shear wall that resists in-plane lateral loads by flexural action.

Elastic analysis — an analysis of deformations and internal forces based on equilibrium, compatibility of strains, and assumed elastic behaviour.