The land of Aedyn, once under the peaceful rule of the Great King, has been overtaken by mysterious lords who trust only in their own reason. Two children. Faz quase um ano desde que Pedro e Júlia visitaram a terra de Aedyn pela primeira vez. Aedyn não era a mesma. Gritos ecoavam pelo ar. De longe os irmãos. Buy O Desvanecer das Trevas – Volume 3. Trilogia As Crônicas de Aedyn by Alister E. Mcgrath (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday .

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We want to be introduced to foreign worlds or foreign ideas. Glad I got this book for free.

It is particularly great for children. I can see maybe a five year old liking it. I know this guy knows how to write.

Should Julia trust the monk who appears only to her and encourages her to take her place as the chosen one?

CrTMnicas de Aedyn, As: Os Escolhidos: Alister E. Mcgrath: : Books

The good guys triumph. So parents shouldn’t have any problem with their kids reading it, but as always- to know for certain, you should read the book along with your kids. It is clear, concise and quick to the point. It’s way to close to Narnia Crpnicas Cracker Barrel or Bob Evans.

Gaius, another really old dude think OT prophetis a messenger of the Lord of Light and helps guide the brother and sister to lead the slave rebellion after they get captured by the evil lords and both manage to escape one with the help of crobicas, the other by introducing gunpowder and then sabotaging the cannon made to use it.

This book was frustrating as you’re never drawn into the story. I won’t get into all the details of their similarities, but you can read about them in others’ reviews.


ARC provided by amazon vine I mean, I’m a big fan of purity etc, but you gotta admit that point is done to death in Christian fiction.

At the heart is a Christian message. All in all, I almost enjoyed it, but my criteria for rating it was whether there were more things I liked about the book than those I disliked. The first half of the story aedtn full of detail–most of it unnecessary to the story–which slowed the action.

This short novel is a wonderful children’s fantasy with major religious influence. For example, no explanation was given for why our hero children aged 13 and 14 still went to the castle after they ran into evil warriors that were clearly from the castle.

The characters tended to be one-dimensional; they were defined by one trait and didn’t act beyond it. And I absolutely love that the powers both kids were granted is basically a crnoicas boom attack.

Chosen Ones

Aedyn is a island of long ago that was inhabited by a peaceful people. English Choose a language for shopping. Not to mention the CAT! When you read the book you will know what I mean. At times, the story felt stilted and rushed. The personality of olden dr and long dead people pervades ancient buildings.

May 14, Margaret Metz rated it liked it Shelves: And some of the plot details are a bit sketchy. Siblings wisked away to a mysterious fantasy land where they have to help because someone has taken over the land. There is suspense, magic, battles and evil but conicas too intense. There were some quotes from the Bible, though anyone not familiar with the Bible probably wouldn’t recognize that’s what they were, and some Bible-like parallels like a Passover-like meal of remembrance.


Would you like to tell us aedtn a lower price? While Narnia relies more on symbolism for its Christian message, Aedyn is more direct; both have a lot to offer. Lewis, you will like this guy. There were some black and white drawings of the events in the story, but unfortunately they weren’t that accurate to the details in the text.

Chosen Ones (Aedyn Chronicles #1) by Alister E. McGrath

May 05, Janet rated it really liked it Shelves: The actual writing wasn’t bad, but I felt that this was a cheap ish imitation of The Chronicles of Narnia. I think I had 5 times where I found myself going back to read the previous paragraph because I was like, what? Holy screaming is a VERY creative device, to do the author credit. Oct 20, Emily Woodham rated it liked it Shelves: A child tells a story saying “this happened, then this happened and then this other thing happened” without any emotional buildup.

Personally, I found the plot and characters too similar to those of The Chronicles of Narnia: I’m sorry but, this i Synopsis: Most were minor things that weren’t critical to the story, but others were critical–like a slave being able to create a complex technology that’s new to him from a sketch in one day. On the not so great side, though, the story really has it out for Peter, especially at the beginning. You will be impressed, trust me.