SAP CRM User Interface Overview; UI Concept; Customizing of Business Roles; Navigation Bar Customizing and Transaction Launcher; Architecture; UI. Customers, SAP consultants and project team members who are responsible for The course CR refers to the CRM WebClient User Interface which was. The course CR (SAP CRM User Interface) is introducing this technology to technically interested customer and project team members.

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Mark checkbox Stateful to show the URL in a new window. In the structure tree double-click Define Direct Link Groups.

SAP CRM User Interface

Crmm are responsible for the maintenance of the different roles as well as customer specific configuration of the screens and enhancements with customer specific data. Changes in the configuration are recorded in change requests Language support: Use the hyperlink Name to navigate to the Account details.

All User Input is handled by the controller. The position and size of the L-shape is static and its content can be configured as business-role dependent.


The changes include removal and adding of Navigation Bar entries. Main Components do not contain own views except the window.

The handler class represents the ABAP Objects class that contains all WebClient specific code needed to execute a specific launch transaction. Right-click on Context Node and choose Create from the context menu. Choose Copy As… Role: Service Orders for Business Partner Set the flag Mandatory. Change Title of Fact Sheet 1. All generated objects belonging to a project are transported together; it is not possible to transport an individual extension. How many are left for display?

CR – SAP CRM User Interface | SAP TRAINING COURSES – SAP Courses AND Training

The overview page is a special type of viewset. Column, row, text label, input field width and other properties can be adjusted in the detailed page configuration. Narrow the search since not all entries will be listed!

Each event defined in the layout eventid has a corresponding event handler. The information contained in this document is subject to change and supplement without prior notice.

Customer service workflows will also be intsrface. Therefore search for any object, e. User can display these hidden blocks by personalization. Double-click the entry and note the information regarding data exchange with other systems.


Transaction types for creation of transactions, etc. They have a controller Class and a context class but no context nodes. You can also exclude existing skins that you do not want to delete.

Here under you will find your Design Object. Selection leads to interafce entry page Standard navigation targets e. As mentioned before there are 3 different so called load options: Option 2 is used for areas of views that contain buttons and navigation links.

SAP CRM User Interface – MBA智库文档

Create a transport request when necessary. If the customer wants to use an other namespace, a BADI can be used. After the Wizard has started enter the following information: You have the choice between a single column page layout and a page layout that consists of multiple tiles. Configuration labels, captions can be translated Personalization: