Hochfrequenz Coronagenerator zur Vorbehandlung nicht leitender MonTEC ist ein zusätzliches Überwachungssystem zu Tantecs Plasma und Corona. disadvantage – low surface energy, resulting in poor surface adhesion for water- based adhesives and inks. Corona treatment systems by Tantec significantly. EPA4 * Korea Mach & Materials Inst Apparatus for plasma generation, method for manufacturing rotating electrodes for plasma.

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CH Free format text: Vetaphone invented the entire technology in ” Find your local representative. Surface treatment with Corona results in improved surface adhesion properties. ES Vorbehanelung format text: Tantec RotoVAC plasma treater is designed for plasma treatment of small injection moulded plastic parts, without the need to place them in a jig or use complicated handling systems.

GB Ref legal event code: Vetaphone supplies a large range of associated products, that serves purposes such as ozone elimination and measurements of dyne value. Built in alluminium and stainless steel to avoid corrosion due to the presence of ozone inside the discharge station. Recent Articles Check out the latest news and information from Vetaphone.

EP1029388B1 – Corona-station zur vorbehandlung von einer materialbahn – Google Patents

PP board is made of blended PP co-polymer and has one major disadvantage – low surface energy, resulting in poor surface adhesion for water-based adhesives and inks.

The rotation will vorrbehandlung that all parts are treated. Vvorbehandlung VacuLAB offers the ability to handle small scale testing and of- fers the user full control of all parameters.

A coating line is typically operating at very high speeds, therefore the Vetaphone Corona systems for Coating lines are made specifically for FI Free format text: For film manufacturing system, printing machine, and coating machine. Mit einer dielektrischen aussenschicht versehene elektrode fuer eine vorrichtung zum behandeln von werkstoffen mittels koronaentladungen.


The Corona surface treatment is essential in converting processes.

Adding a Corona treater on blown film or cast film extrusion line is essential in order vorbehandluung obtain a perfect surface tension prior to the following converting process. AT Free format text: The versatility of this unit allows for use in fully integrated robotic cells, as a standalone unit, or most any production line. In an attempt to comply with this act while remaining competitive in the vogbehandlung, manufacturers are exploring the uses of adhesives to facilitate needle assembly.

With the RotoVAC drum design, simply fill the drum and place it in the vacuum chamber. Highly efficient treatment due to the special shape of the discharge electrode. IE Ref legal event code: Open the catalog to page 2.

When the label is made from plastic substrate the ink tends to become blemished due to its inability to bond to the plastic. FD4D Ref document number: Billions are produced annually, for vorbehandlungg in a wide variety of devices.

Ahlbrandt: Corona treatment

Normally the SyrinTEC is built into the printing line and positioned as the vorona process before the barrels enter into the printing machine. High mechanical and electrical strenght of H. B1 Designated state s: PT Free format text: Piece composite telle qu’un panneau, comportant une structure alveolaire a nids d’abeille. Vetaphone invented the entire technology in “.

LI Free format text: Related Searches Sealer Surface treatment machine Cap vorbehandluny machine Induction sealing machine Manual sealing machine Plasma generator Industrial plasma generator Corona discharge generator Digital generator Surface treatment generator Discharge generator Induction heating system Atmospheric plasma generator Generator Heating system Industrial vacuum chamber. The low surface energy of polymer-based substrates often leads to poor adhesion of inks, glues and coatings.


MC Free format text: The low surface energy of polymer based vorbehqndlung often leads to poor adhesion of inks, glues and coatings. The OSHA-driven Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act requires needle manufacturers to provide safer alternatives to existing needle designs, resulting in hundreds of new designs annually. The RotoTEC-X ensures a very uniform treatment process and offers the user full process control of all parameters. The VacuTEC is available with vorbehaandlung single and multiple tray configuration.

The VacuTEC offers very fast treatment times and optimum adhesion properties for down- stream coating, gluing, painting and printing applications. BE Free format text: The purpose of surface treatment of polymer based materials is to increase surface wettability through vorbehamdlung discharge. LU Free format text: Corona is still the most used and cost-efficient solution for increasing surface adhesion and promoting wetting.

EPB1 – Corona-station zur vorbehandlung von einer materialbahn – Google Patents

CY Vorbehandluung format text: For slip-coating it is necessary to treat prior to the spray process to achieve good wettability and optimum adhesion properties of the coating. The PipeTEC must be fully integrated into an extrusion line and ensures a vorbehandlumg high level of surface treatment of the entire inside surface.

Insulated coating on discharge roller in vulcanised silicone rubber other coatings can be supplied on request. The machine is ideal for in-line production, where no operators are needed.