Ben Forta has three decades of experience in the computer industry in product Adobe ColdFusion 9 Web Application Construction Kit, Volume 3: Advanced. DZone recently caught up with Ben Forta, ColdFusion guru and renowned book author to discuss the state of the ColdFusion market, CF. Ben Forta is Adobe Systems Inc’s Senior Director of Education Initiatives. His primary Adobe ColdFusion 9 Web Application Construction Kit, Volume 1: Getting Started. Adobe Press. ISBN X. Adobe ColdFusion 9 Web.

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And I’ve got developers on my team who are now discovering ColdFusion for the first time. Look at the following two: And, as I’ll explain later in this article, it also has another important purpose.

Others, when they found out that you can manipulate spreadsheets and low-level spreadsheets, redesign them and manipulate them, were jumping out of their seats.

More thancopies of his books are in print in English, and titles have been translated into fifteen languages. That’s how I ended up in this current role is that I wrote a book on ColdFusion and then got hired as a result.

And it was a great product but we’ve done nothing with it in many years. This example uses form fields to specify the row, column, and value. Understanding High Availability Here are some of the examples I used at my presentations. That’s the beauty of ColdFusion: The above code creates an instance of the Mail object and names it “cfMail”, and sets to, from, subject, etc. That’s probably the most important thing we’re doing to, not just create and enrich apps but also create a whole new level of interest in ColdFusion that wasn’t there before.

Ben Forta | Adobe ColdFusion 9 Web Application Construction Kit, Volume 1: Getting Started

And the fact that after close to 10 years of not having an official IDE, that ColdFusion now does have one with ColdFusion Forat that is in beta now. SpreadsheetAddRows adds the entire query to the spreadsheet again, as no row was specified the data gets added to the next free row.


This is actually far less confusing than it sounds, so let’s look at an example. We’ll start with a simple Application.

Do you have any final words of advice for our audience? NET code, and I do mean lots and lots? If you want to call one of those built-in services, we expose them, and there is this streamed model around them to ensure that they’re exposed properly and who gets access to what. And the same thing if you are a PHP developer. He is immensely grateful to have had the opportunity to share with millions worldwide.

Adobe’s Ben Forta on ColdFusion 9, CF Adoption Trends

They’ll find moving back and forth between CFML in script on the server and those other languages to be cleaner and simpler. The over 30 supporting functions like SpreadsheetSetCellValueSpreadsheetAddRowand SpreadsheetSetCellFormula allow for more granular spreadsheet manipulation, and can be used in conjunction with supporting functions like SpreadsheetNew to create a new spreadsheet object, and SpreadsheetInfo which returns title, subject, sheet names, last saved date and time, and more.

Look at this code snippet. So it is definitely a 1. And so if you’re teaching ColdFusion or if you’re in an educational institution, there’s really no reason to not use it.

In ORM, you never write SQL statements, and never really consider tables of rows and columns, at least not when writing client code. Working with Gateways The developers who have those multiple skills, who can do ColdFusion with Flex and tie them together or ColdFusion with Java and tie them together, there are a lot of good fortq out there and a lot of demand for developers with those skills.


ColdFusion 9 adds the ability to define code to be executed onServerStart. Then, SpreadsheetNew is used to create a new spreadsheet xoldfusion. It’s not a real language, it’s tag-based.

Introducing Adobe ColdFusion 9

Sample Application Data Files. And still the coldgusion cost that has been a hurdle for some, becomes less so. Graphing, Printing, and Reporting Using Stored Procedures In ColdFusion 9, for the first time, it is possible to build an entire application, beginning to end, including the application CFC and everything, entirely in script without needing a single line of CFML.

Once again, we start with a database query. To update a specific cell, you need to read, update, and save, like this: Readers, though, were pleased last time to see that all those chapters were published in PDF form free of charge, just grab them.

For many of us, and for many apps, it is, and remains, highly appropriate. Now for the formula which will total all orders. Introducing ColdFusion Builder 4: We’re not getting into those discussions. After all, consider what would happen to your code if a table name changed, or if columns were refactored and split, or if colffusion schemas were updated.

Fortunately, they’re far less of an obstacle than they were years ago. My team’s scattered worldwide, and they have to have a diverse skill set because they need to talk to, not just ColdFusion developers, but PHP developers, Java developers and more. In ColdFusion, there’s a lot more interest in fortx and larger organizations, so there’s been a big shift there. And finally, here’s how to retrieve the Books data.