David A. Bednar . 25 Jan. , BYU-I Religion Symposium, “The Character of Christ”. Read 29 Jan. , Ricks College Symposium, “Come Unto Christ”. Can anyone explain the story which involved Bednar and a tragic car accident? How does this story make you feel? What points stood out to. Discover ideas about Light Of Christ. The Character of Christ- David A. Bednar God and Jesus Christ. Light Of ChristLds TalksLds SeminaryLds.

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What enabled Him to seek comfort and peace for those whose need was so much less than His? Indeed, it is possible for us as mortals to strive in righteousness to receive the spiritual gifts associated with the capacity to reach outward and appropriately respond to other people who are experiencing the very challenge or adversity that is most immediately and forcefully pressing upon us.

We cannot obtain such a capacity through sheer willpower or personal determination. Because Jesus resisted it perfectly, He understood temptation perfectly, hence He can help us. But “line upon line, precept upon precept” 2 Nephi Thus, character is demonstrated by looking and reaching outward when the natural and instinctive response is to be chrizt and turn inward. Within a relatively short period of time, the two remaining young women died.

Indeed, the depth of suffering and compassion is intimately linked to the depth of love felt by the ministering one. Perhaps the greatest indicator of character is the capacity to recognize and appropriately respond to other people who are experiencing the very challenge or adversity that is most immediately and forcefully pressing upon us.

It is interesting to note that the overarching and fundamental vhrist to the Savior in each of these three temptations is contained in the taunting statement, ” If thou be the Son of God. As a witness, Bednsr declare my witness. And the lovely countenances and physical features chtist these young women had been badly marred.

A Christlike Character – new-era

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: As individually impressive as is each of the preceding events, I believe it is the consistency of the Lord’s character across multiple episodes that is besnar the most instructive and inspiring. Recognizing that He himself was about to intensely and personally experience the absence of both comfort and peace, and in a moment when His heart was perhaps troubled and afraid, the Master reached outward and offered to others the very blessings that could and would have strengthened Him.


Our friend lived approximately 35 miles from the hospital and therefore needed the assistance of someone who lived closer to the city. After returning home from the area training meeting in Twin Falls, the first question I attempted to answer was “What is character?

Angels did not come and minister to the Savior; rather, the Savior, in His own state of spiritual, mental, and physical distress, sent angels to minister to John. In the upper room on the night of the last supper, the very night during which He would experience the greatest suffering that ever took place in all of the worlds created by Him, Christ chrjst about the Comforter and peace:. First, this friend’s daughter was one of the young women involved in the accident.

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Rather, we are dependent upon and in fhrist of “the merits, mercy, and grace of the Holy Messiah” 2 Nephi 2: His character is such that He “[suffered] temptations of every kind” Alma 7: How was the Master able to reach outward when a lesser being would have turned inward? And I testify that His character made possible for us the opportunities for both immortality and eternal life.

I noted earlier in my remarks that the letters A, C, and T form a central component in the word char act er. Note His response to the guard as described in verse In addition to the incidents we have thus far reviewed, recall how the Savior, while suffering such agony on the cross, instructed the Apostle John about caring for Jesus’ mother, Mary John It was a moment and a lesson that I have never forgotten.

As the fallen nature of the world He created pressed in upon Him, how could He focus so totally and so exclusively upon the conditions cjrist concerns of others? As we increasingly act in a manner congruent with the charact er of Christ, then perhaps we are indicating to heaven in a most powerful manner our desire for the supernal spiritual gift of char ity.

After reviewing and finalizing several details for the funeral of her daughter, this good sister said to me, “President, I am sure it was difficult for you to see my daughter in the emergency room the other day. Thus, Satan attempted repeatedly to attack Jesus’ understanding of who He was and of His charxcter with His Father.

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In the case of Christ, he is described as one “. Given the magnitude and intensity of Jesus’ agony, it perhaps would have been understandable if He had not noticed and attended to the guard’s severed ear. Her only daughter had chracter been tragically killed, but she was concerned about the potentially troublesome memories I might have given my experience in the emergency room.


A statement from Elder Maxwell provides the answer to each of these powerful questions:. Dharacter he touched his ear, and healed him Luke During the course of his teaching and testifying, Elder Maxwell made a statement that impressed me deeply and has been the recent focus for much of my studying, reflecting, and pondering.

May we reach outward when the natural tendency for us is to turn inward, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. In a moment of ultimate grief, this dear friend reached outward when I likely would have turned inward. My prayer for each of us is that through our study of this sacred volume of scripture we will more fully come unto Him; more completely become like Him; and more fervently worship, reverence, and adore Him.

Interestingly, the additions found in the JST completely change our understanding of this event. It was a meaningful and memorable time of spiritual enrichment, learning, and edification. Character is revealed, for example, in the power to discern the suffering of other people when we ourselves are suffering; in the ability to detect the hunger of others when we are hungry; and in the power to reach out and extend compassion for the spiritual agony of others when we are in the midst of our own spiritual distress.

Her daughter had been one of the victims in the accident, and she and I had talked several times about her desires for the funeral program. There was urgency in her voice, but there was no panic or excessive alarm. If such a capacity is indeed the ultimate criterion of moral character, then the Savior of the world is the perfect example of such a consistent and charitable character.

In the great intercessory prayer, offered immediately before Jesus went forth with His disciples over the brook Cedron to the Garden of Gethsemane, the Master prayed for His disciples and for all:.

Interestingly, when we look up the word “character” in the topical guide of our scriptures, we discover that it is cross-referenced to the topics of honesty, honor, and integrity. Early one summer morning I was showering. Nevertheless, I believe there are several conceptual connections that are important charactee us to consider and ponder.

This faithful woman was a single mother rearing her only child–her teenage daughter.