Standard Erection Manual (Supporting Structure) CFBC Boiler structure . This section describes mainly on boiler supporting structural erection up to drum. Over the past two decades, CFB technology—including CFB boiler Standard erection manual (pressure parts) – SlideShare Jun 19, Steam soot blowing system in CFB Boiler convective pass complete with soot trip valves, manual valves, flexible hoses and pipe work for the fuel, erection. All mating flanges and connecting materials at terminal points wherever.

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Alternate power supply shall be kept ready. Two winches are used to erect the tubes with header. After lifting to its final elevation, panels are temporarily supported with wire rope from ceiling structure. Before lifting, the wire ropes which are hung from ceiling structure are inserted through the holes in the buckstay beam.

Panels, coils, downcomer etc. At this stage, the gap between the flange faces should be equal all round the flange. Over the past two decades, CFB technology—including CFB boiler operation and CFB boiler design—has demonstrated its erectiom to efficiently utilize a wide noiler of fuels while still meeting stringent stack emission limits.

THERMAL POWER PLANT A-Z: cfbc boiler an introduction

If it is not possible to accomplish this, the hydro test may be conducted twice, once for drainable portion and another full hydro test including non-drainable portion. These blanks are bolted to the volute with the suitable gasket. The coils are to be welded with header stubs.


What is the procedure to construct a captive thermal … Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited. Ensure that the stirrup is in full contact with the buckstay beam flange. Check whether the screen driver boxes are fixed with each other such that the gap does not exceed 1 mm. Method Statement For Installation of Diesel Generator Set The purpose of generating this Method Statement is to define the procedure step by step to implement the correct practices for Installation of Diesel Generator Set through the guide line contained herein so as to ensure that the job execution complies with the requirements and serves the intended function to satisfactory level.

If necessary identification markings shall be repainted carefully. Inlet and Outlet headers are erected on permanent suspensions. No glittering to tyndal effect. Help Center Find new research papers in: Around 4, tonnes of pressure parts components per unit are despatched loose to the job site by road and rail.

All four drum-lifting wire ropes shall be physically checked for any damages. Standard erection manual pressure parts – SlideShare Standard erection manual pressure parts Proper anchoring of winches shall be checked and ensured. Before arrival of steam drum at site, the following preparation will be made ready for unloading.

Complete Boiler Inspector’s ground Inspection of Coils. Method Statement for Prefabrication and Erection-Piping Fabricate an anti deformation frame as shown in Fig.

cfbc boiler erection method statement – CFBC Boiler

Middle joints of roof tubes are welded after completion of final alignment of both front and rear tubes. All bolted connections are to be used with double washers. Transformer Installation Method Statement – Electrical Complete assembly to be ground assembled. Blanking of C Cfvc pump volute for Hydro test. To ensure that all the equipment and materials required to execute the work are available according to the planned construction program.


Inspection of the Boiler Pressure Parts after Testing. These preassembled buckstays are temporarily supported before erection of waterwalls either on wire ropes or on brackets welded to columns.

cfbc boiler erection method statement

After chemical cleaning, steam blowing and lay up of the units, if situation warrants to do hydraulic testing of the pressure parts usage of treated D M water or treated condensate is only recommended. Complete the erection and bliler of steam-cooled spacers.

Pre-assembly of Buckstay Refer: Weld the upper Eco coil terminal tube connection with the header stubs. Coal Mill Erection Manualtravelkare. Rocker position shall be checked and recorded.

After erection completion of all steam cooled walls align the following headers. Between tubes in lower corner transition tubes.

Lift the upper Eco coils using the floating pulley system. After hoisting to its final elevation support channels are fixed to permanent support rods and headers suspension lugs to the permanent tie rods. Front tubes are welded with inlet headers and rear tubes are welded with rear header stubs. For erection of supporting structure, the drawings given in structural group are to be followed.