CDCB ETC datasheet pdf data sheet FREE Datasheets (data sheet) search for integrated circuits (ic), semiconductors and other electronic components. The schematic as listed is shown above. The CD is responsible for FM reception, with the only datasheet I could find being in Chinese. Data Sheet INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER IOR. T 10TQ SERIES. 10 Amp Schottky Rectifiers. Major Ratings and Characteristics.

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Bench-top supply with crocodile clips, 3V output to power receiver during tuning recommended, but not absolutely necessary. Once it is soldered, the speaker can be glued into the front casing with hot melt glue around the edge or superglue if unavailable. Once that is soldered into place, you can breathe a sigh of relief as the worst part is over.

Sometimes, because of production reasons in both my kits the capacitors can become unmarked for some reason. Click for more about me! Attach the clips to the power supply terminals, and power up the radio to a moderate volume. Start alignment with the FM band.

Desoldering braid optional to fix mistakes. Well, it took 2 months for my kit to arrive, the PCB was bowed, and some of the caps were illegible, but datashret worked on the first try.

At this stage, we are ready to make the final connections and assemble the unit. February 5, at 7: Note the orientation, unbend the pins, insert and solder away. Rather nicely, the PCB is a single sided paper-type board with silkscreening on both sides which is very descriptive, and solder mask on the rear. Continuing on, fd9088cb board is completed with the population of resistors. Lead the yellow wire to the ANT terminal and tack solder.


In my case, I ended up substituting a salvaged from another piece of broken equipment … but this is why having two kits with the intention of making just one might be useful.

Get good reception aroun Mhz with correct pointer position. Sound quality is good. Kit Contents Rather unimpressively, each kit comes in a bubble wrap package. Of interest is that the reception mode switch actually switches the audio path to the amplifier. Do not touch the antenna or you may be burnt! Turn the tuning dial to a known station location, and if you have a second radio, have it playing the same station. This cd988cb is a kit that looks almost store bought!

First, slide the battery terminals into place — positive is the top terminal on the front case, negative is the lower terminal. By now, most of the remaining components are resistors or capacitors. As mentioned, the instructions were all in Chinese. A capacitor is hence a 10 pF capacitor, or 0. Samples of the audio as recorded by my Zoom H1 recorder are here. April 25, at I made do with my Weller iron but it was a challenge.

Use the slightly different machine screw to secure the antenna to the rear casing.


For this kit, I preferred to do things the opposite way. Datashheet the case of this kit, this specifically includes: As a result, I accepted the challenge and put in an order for two kits. The unit has an IF of about 70kHz, and features a frequency locked loop with internal muting of weak signals.

Then secure this with the other identical machine screw. The educational value, however, is a little limited without explanations.

CDCB Datasheet PDF –

However, you might encounter some critical issues here. There is also a jumper wire marked with a J — this can be made with a scrap electrolytic capacitor leg.

Because there were more capacitors, I decided to tackle them first. For speaker used twisted pair. Having some kit-building experience helps you avoid basic mistakes like this. Next, try to close the case hooking over the headphone out jack first, and then clipping in the tuning dial side.

Insert your two AA batteries of choice, and you can start listening to radio right away.

CD9088CB Datasheet

The AM reception is being achieved with the CD Sidecutters to cut off component legs. It seems to have a lacquer finish to stop the pads from oxidising, but is not otherwise datasheft nor plated.

February 5, at 5: