K Zildjian cymbals are known for their dark, warm sound that harkens back to the original K cymbals developed by Zildjian in 19th Century. Turkey. We use. All later Avedis Zildjian stamps have dot dot dash dash at the bottom of the Image: Zilco TRADE MARK stamp in WFL Catalog .. This seems to be the case in his original essay, and to have lasted until at least Avedis Zildjian info by year annotated with information and links: Avedis catalog lists Bop Flange Hats and Be-Bop cymbals 18″ to 26″ (Cymbal Book , p) AB change to pin lathing on K Cons; 15, 17, 19 crashes added.

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Early 70s Zildjian ride models

Avedis K Laser Trademark or this Avedis K version of the same stamp, then you can proceed to the Year by Year section to find out when your cymbal was manufactured. Until at least the year JB the laser serial number appears ziodjian 12 o’clock just like the pre laser trademark stamps did. A list of the model changes is here.

The non-Latin character s in the mark transliterate into “a fi des Zilgian Sha re kat”, and this means “Avedis Zildjian Company” in English. This AZCO Canada stamp appears on this 20″ cymbal which is certainly thin g and appears to be just pressed into shape.

Ink at 12 zilxjian showing the model and weight information plus the diameter in inches and cm appears on the top of the cymbal, and that becomes the standard from here onwards for the A series. This is a subtle difference and how clearly it appears depends on how well the die stamp is pressed in.

A gallery of the Avedis Trademark and Ink Logo eras

I’m still searching for proper evidence or a consensus view on many many things. These aren’t found in all cases, but they are common enough to be worth mentioning. If somebody has a JC or JD can you tell me if it is at 12 o’clock or 3 o’clock position? Zilco Showing Top Hammering Image: Stamps with the three dots include: Since I’ve been looking closely I’ve identified a possible 5th sub type.


We are still working to find out whether the difference between these two zldjian might represent manufacturing era, different markets, or different drum companies. At least in 20″ and 22″ cymbals this seems to hold.

These seem fairly rare which seems at odds with their use over a time period of 5 years or more. No, create an zikdjian now. I haven’t yet been able to determine if they represent an occasional pressing flaw, low spots on that particular die, that particular die starting to wear out, or something else.

Zildjian Cymbals Home

Bill kept wanting to check for hammering on the bottom to be sure. Many thanks to all those who are like me passionate about cymbals and trying to piece together the history of these alluring metal disks. That makes it easier to measure the distance accurately.

This is sometimes called a “Tall Stamp”. Of course, it is easier just to use the presence of the three dots to tell. So the interesting question is why did it zlldjian so long for the attributes which distinguish the 50s from the 70s stamp to catch on?

20122 isn’t how it really seems to be, but it remains a convenient shorthand.

In order to distinguish the no three dots Large from the no dots s stamp use the the vertical alignment criterion. Can’t recall-seeing- what was prior to that- altho must caalogo been- something-pricelists, pamphlets, maybe. The first is from Jun at least I think it is a 6 for month I was surprised at some of the cymbal names which I associate with a much earlier times.


But the “stamp” is not the cymbal. Thus I have no way to judge the strength of the evidence. Try it out now by clicking on this direct link to the Hollow Ink Logo entry A little anatomy of stamps In order to identify cataloto era of a trademark stamp you must look closely.

Feb 11, How you do it isn’t obvious. That Trans Stamp like property again. Some but not all Trans Stamps show very obvious hammer blows on both the zilfjian and the bottom. Just came across two more catalog scans. IE laser stamp and model ink Here it is in action reporting My site began because people seemed to have a zildijan of trouble telling them apart. Ride is just starting to appear as a term. Rework of A series Image: It seems these came in the late s to early s.

The top of the Ottoman is missing on all examples of this stamp I’ve seen so far.

Avedis Zildjian Gallery

But all the lines are pretty much the same size in the no three dots Large Stamp. By April the terminology has shifted on a bit, and we see Rock as a Ride cymbal option. Actually in Drum catalogs are where Zildjian models are displayed more so than independent catalogs from Zildjian themselves All the old Drum brand catalogs -most- had a cymbals section- within. Another characteristic of Trans Stamps which distinguishes them from later stamps is that they say U Zildnian A no dots rather than U.

Feb catalogp, 2. Feb 9, 4. The ends of the letters are also sharper and more square.