CAN/ULC-S PERIODIC INSPECTIONS AND TEST – DAILY AND MONTHLY. NOTE: Refer to Appendix D for examples of Inspection and Test Record. SCOPE. This Standard provides requirements for the inspection and testing of fire alarm systems and specifies the devices and functions to be inspected. 1 SCOPE This Standard prescribes requirements for the inspection and testing of fire alarm systems and specifies the devices and functions.

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For reduced voltage or reduced current starting, record time controller is on first step: Alarm device, test on dry u,c, pre-action or deluge system using bypass?

CAN/ULC-S536-04 Fire Alarm Annual Inspection Test Form

Standpipe Hydrostatic and Flow Test Results to be completed every five years Date of last hydro-test: Visible signaling appliances tested? Batteries 2 voltage readings are normal Check accuracy of pressure gauges and sensors? Engine hour clock reading: Rated voltage is present. This type of detector is best used in residential applications, as it provides extremely good early warning to smoldering type fires that tend give off dense smoke and noxious fumes.


Adequate to meet the requirements of the system. Extinguishment, Deluge, and Sprinkler Systems. The tests reported on this form do not include the actual operational test of ancillary devices except where noted.

The common control employs several features to enable the occupants to identify any specific problems within the system. Output circuits for selective voice paging, including visual indication, F operates.

While advances continue to be made in the technology, the need for maintaining proper testing records becomes even more important. Yes No Water Temperature: Actual number of End-of-Line Resistors tested: Audible and visual alert signals and alarm signals programmed and operate per Q design and specification, or documentation as detailed in Appendix E, Description of Fire Alarm System for Inspection and Ullc Procedures. Alarm valve free from damage, trim in correct position, and no leakage?

Trouble signal on the voice communication system results in common trouble signal on the fire alarm system. Seconds Date of trip test from records on site was: Y Ancillary device by-pass results in trouble signal.

CAN/ULC-S Fire Alarm Annual Inspection Test Form

These are the units that provide an interconnection to conventionally wired devices like manual pull stations, sprinkler isolation valves, flow switches, low air and the like; If your system caan a UDACT communicator, the technician must ensure that appropriate signals generated by the system during the testing must be received at the monitoring station; Field addressable relay modules must be listed on the Individual Device Test Recordand their locations and function documented.


Plugging of sprinklers 5s36 during activation or alteration?

Components of standpipe system inspected? Alarm signal silence visual indicator operates. Actual Time to Test Building: Two stage pull stations tested and functions confirmed?

Standards Council of Canada

F Annual Tests Battery surface clean and dry? Water discharge from all nozzles unimpeded? Modern smoke alarms will only switch low voltage i. Special Inspection Postal Code: Forward flow test has been conducted. The communicator has been reset following completion of testing.

Have someone standing by the panel so that they can cancel or silence any audible alarm quickly. Nozzle ilc in place and nozzles contained?

Fire shutter release activated by fire alarm system?