A German guy named Cadfael has posted hundreds of standard bass and guitar wiring diagrams for public use in PDF format. If this is old news. The complete series list for – A Brother Cadfael Mystery Ellis Peters. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history. Apparently, just mentioning Cadfael in a recent post made it abundantly clear that there are quite a Thinking about it, I realized that the Cadfael miniseries is that exact thing for me. .. Trystan L. Bass September 22nd,

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GunnyFeb 5, Feb 5, 6. One below the F-hole and another below the PU plate then smooth everything up to an even level regaining my white ply again. Doug 54 likes this. Feb 5, 5. Google [Bot] and 3 guests.

CadfaelFeb 6, No, create an account now. KebmelPiggy Stu and Billnchristy like this. Feb 23, 2. Ahhh he cracks me up. Feb 5, 4. Yes, my password is: I have NO idea what to do with those skinny stringed things Kebmel and 68Telebass like this. Feb 5, 9. All Rickenbacker Trademarks Acknowledged.

Rickresource Rickenbacker Forum • View topic – Are These Wiring Diagrams Accurate?

KebmelPiggy Stu and nojazzhere like this. I know there were diagrams cadfaek Joey’s bass notes that were pulled some time ago due to misuse issues, but it would be nice to sticky these if they are correct. If you do tear it up though, takes lots pictures.


Feb 26, Do you already have an account? Log in or Sign up. A few years ago I got to see him play Lear. Yes, my password is: Saw the show, went across the street to the library and checked out all the cadffael, and started seriously considering joining the SCA for the first time. Cadfael I always like your comments but i love this one.

Also I am interested in which Ibanez PG has the same look. I’m pretty illiterate electronically, do these look correct? Are the costumes good? When final photos caddfael posted i will be more careful to accurately display proper color balance. We have a bass builder in Germany who also makes semi-hollow “Tele-Guit-Basses”. Sorry, trying to post images cadael than x pixels, haven’t figured it out yet.

So, what about the show makes it my comfort object? Log in or Sign up. It looks and sounds a whole lot better. Meanwhile, anyone else wanna write some Avice of Thornbury fan fic?

I was hoping someone would pick up on that. What I mean is that it is a show nass manages to be captivating without laying on the gritty realism or the anxiety-provoking cliff-hangers that are super common in mystery shows these days.


If this is old news, forgive me, just stumbled on these. It is unique and has an off kilter gnarly-ness that definitely draws attention.

All credit to Cadfael his work looks excellent and I claim no authorship over his diagrams, I’m only posting this as a resource for other Ricki owners.

cadfqel Don’t modify this bass! I am soooo happy you posted this!! Not under known for. Your name or email address: Plenty of Tele guitars around but what you have there looks pretty unique.

Cadfael Is My Comfort Object

Sadly now closed and long gone! Me, after watching Cadfael. It is to remain as is. A friend met him at Comic Con last year, and said out of an entire line of GOTHAM hipsters, she was the only one to slap down base copy of her favorite Cafael book and asked him to sign it.

I passed it when I was last there, about 8 years ago. Is that… a ruff???