Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet [Elaine Gottschall] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Provides information on the. (SCD™), as outlined in the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle™. Page 1 of 20 . contains large amounts of fructooligosaccharides. – Elaine. Chlorella. Illegal. It is a blue-green algae .. the labels carefully. DILL PICKLES by Elaine Gottschall. A Psychological Perspective by Martha Char Love Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall. Best Books for Gut Unf*cking. 44 books — 36 voters.

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Researching about potential causes of celiac and other gastro diseases online, I ran across several references to this book. Oct 29, Debra rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the book that I use for my diet. Jun 01, Suzanne rated it really liked it. Extremely interesting and almost too informative. Well, it was good enough for me to read in one evening!

Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The history of the medical establishment’s understanding of celiac and other gastro illnesses is fascinating it includes European research which I’ve found hard to come-by up to this book. You will have to give up a lot of foods that you love–but that don’t love you back!

The bulk of the book is recipes and appendices, so this is a fairly quick read. The cramps were incredible.

Licensees are required to use ctcle trademark and copyright material in a manner which is consistent with the SCD diet and program described in the Breaking the Vicious Cycle book. She also draws some interesting parallels between Austism Spectrum Disorders, food allergies and such with the onset of GI problems.

Lots of cooking from breakng After two and a half years dealing with my own digestive disorder, I just learned I have been eating the absolute worst things I could possibly attempt to eat. One major problem with the Specific Cyvle Diet is the lack of information for how to handle an egg allergy. Trivia About Breaking the Vici It’s like being in a bad relationship!


Now, before you think this is the end of the world–or, at least, of delicious gottschal, there are lots of recipes that are pretty darn tasty. Aug 20, Catherine rated it it was amazing. It looks like the only important thing is to introduce the cottage cheese There are no discussion topics on this book yet. However, there are some instances of use of the trademark and book by third parties who are not licensed or authorized by Kirkton Press and who inaccurately represent the information found in the book.

Then I read this book and realized I had been eating all the wrong things for years. In the summer of I was finally diagnosed with celiac disease as well as several other severe food allergies peanut butter, dairy, soy, and caffeine. In time, you may find some restaurants you can go to now and then Greek is a good choice! As much help cutting gluten out of my diet was, this diet is FINALLY curing my body of the inflammation, brain fog, pain, exhaustion, etc.

Sometimes, they “hang out,” causing all sorts of problems and sicknesses.


Click here to read the foreword, and browse through a few pages of the book that contains foundations of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet TM. Jul 26, Kevin rated it it was amazing. Jun 30, Diane rated it it was amazing.

This is a resource highly recommended by people whose opinion I trust.

The reason I don’t have it as a 4 or 5 star is because this diet is so strict and it advocates for a lifelong lifestyle change. This book has changed my diet for the better, though it requires monumental effort. This chapter reviews some of the research dealing with the Gut-Brain Axis in child developmental disorders. However, I appreciate that the author points out that if you have zero positive effect after 30 days, then the diet isn’t for you.


This book offers barely any vegetarian alternatives, with almost every recipe bulked out using meat, fish, eggs or dairy. Experiment until you find what works for you, and equip yourself with alternate sources of recipes to compensate for the flops.

No more quick snack of chips or even power bars or other “healthy” processed food. Your doctor or nutrition expert should be consulted before undertaking a change of diet. I recommend this book for people who might be suffering from things like Crohn’s disease. The diet is not easy. The information is scattered around and not organized properly I would like to know what to eat when I have stomach trouble, what to eat when situation is under control, what to introduce later on Very informative, answered many questions about gut health and how to enhance it without being pushy or having a sales pitch.

The author goes into a lot of detail with biological evidence, etc. They would rather patients take expensive medications that can further impair their heatlh. The book is well written, with many, many resources in the end notes.

When I was first sick and hospitalized with a severe case of IBD, a family member provided me this book. At least that’s been my experience. I no longer need to be on the diet, and eat whatever I want now, because the diet has apparently reversed my Crohn’s, as wild as that sounds.

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