Shiv Khera’s `Blueprint for success’. Our Bureau. HYDERABAD, Jan. MR. Shiv Khera, author of the book `You Can Win’, and an educator. Book online tickets for Hi-Impact Leadership- Blueprint For Success By Shiv Khera happening on 05 August at Mumbai. Get event details. HI-IMPACT LEADERSHIP: BLUE PRINT FOR SUCCESS Optimize Performance by creating a culture of trust & accountability GET LASTING.

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Integrity and courtesy is the key here, and these are not strategies but essential values of life. There’s a story of a farmer who was spraying his apple trees with insecticide. New factory licence – market price for blue print? Event Cloud Membership Cloud.

It is better to be shiiv than be honoured. Who’s a winner in Indian politics now – A. But I can help them find their solutions. If people skill is lacking, they cannot taste success.


I’m not a cross, I’m a thoroughbred. Mhera price you pay for it is horrendous. February 27, Consumption of drugs and alcohol is self-abuse. Isn’t ambition a dirty word in India?

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Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments. Organisations with credibility make higher profits. But give it a thought, success is easier today and opportunities aplenty. This event has ended. Are the lyrics of some of these songs obscene?

India needs leaders, not pseudo-leaders: Shiv Khera

There’s more knowledge facing me than facing them. For most of us negative thinking has become habitual. Stay in touch with us. Few are willing to pay the price for the preparation for success, but everyone wants to be successful. Reservation is depriving students of many a good opportunity. Training Programme For Retiring Executives. Vetticad and Khera butted heads in Delhi last week: Home New Signup Login.

Shiv Khera’s formula for success – The Hindu

There is a difference between being popular and being famous. Youngsters perceive the world to be highly competitive.


Kkhera Pay Fixation Rules. We discover and share experiences, make friends and create memories. Credibility and integrity are vital. Nulla tempor arcu et diam tempor, et congue lacus finibus. What are you, a cross between Dale Carnegie and Deepak Chopra? My manager is not at all appreciating my work.

India needs leaders, not pseudo-leaders. You say winners stay away from drugs and alcohol. Dgshah Service In Engg. Just be willing to work hard and all will be well. You must be really against the insects.