Summary. What to do if the file size of your PDF is too large. Relevant Products. Bluebeam Revu version 7 and above. Problem. The file size of your PDF is too. Bluebeam Revu has helped many AEC professionals project a professional business image on PDFs. Adding markups can be a bit tricky. I used Blue Beam Revu software to reduce the file size, it take it down to It good to resize the PDF but if this is an image after resize the quality.

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I still learn something new everyday and I have been using it shrunk years now. I like all of the markup tools. More than any other software package, Bluebeam is by far the most valuable to me in my daily work. My least favorite part about this software is the fact that there are so many different tools and options, that it can get overwhelming if you haven’t used the software before.

I can convert from almost any format to a PDF, images, office docs, websites, you name it. So we created accounts for all of our team members and now anytime I receive a submittal that requires multi-discipline coordination, I create a Bluebeam Session with the file uploaded to it.

Reducing the PDF file size

There are multiple different callout shapes and easily input the tag on it. Bluebeam can handle everything I throw at it. Its an easy fix and I know it holds them for easy access when in the program so Its not really an issue but can be a hassle at moments Overall: Bluebeam is helping us expedite the submittal process and helping us solve problems by allowing us to review multiple drawings simultaneously. They also have great customer support and are always improving their software to keep up with the latest trends and customer needs.

Allows me to measure from pdf drawings which is a shrjnk help in my line of business Interior design in an architectural firm. Very comprehensive pdf editing software – I’ll never go back to Adobe!!!


Having the ability to work on the same PDF with multiple people at the same time is a game changer. At times my take-off shrik get a bit messy or overrun. I add bookmarks as way-finder through large documents such as Specifications, Reports and Specifications etc.

The depth of the menus is astounding, once you are past the basics, the abilities this program lets you access will change the way you do business. The overlay comparison feature is one of the most used features here at work.

The field guys take the PDF’s and put them on the app for the tablets. I have found that Bluebeam can do so many things that I almost don’t need to use other software. Add to that Bluebeam’s integration with software like ProjectWise, Outlook, and all Autodesk software, and you’ve got a serious workhorse on your hands.

Reducing the PDF file size. The only complaint I have been able to come up with but I’m sure it is user error is that my customized toolbar keeps reverting back to the default. I tried to do my updates but I get an Access Is Denied error. It is setup a little bit more like an app that a typical computer software so there is a small learning curve to overcome when first digging into the layout and setup of the software, but once you know where to find items the work is easy to complete.

I use this software on a daily basis and could not function without it.

We have mostly eliminated the need to print full size drawings for install. Editing is also great for minor edits as well as spotting spelling mistakes. Where do I find my Activation Key?

Bluebeam Revu Reviews and Pricing –

I have been using Bluebeam as a primary drawing and detail generation tool for close to bluwbeam years. For each of these tasks Bluebeam has tools that make the process easy, quick and accurate. There is so much functionality built into the program that I’ve actually had to relearn things because they are buried in menus and options. Bluebeam Revu for Construction Managers.


Easy to edit pdfs. Sometimes it can be a little too complex. It can be a bit cost prohibitive compared to other PDF editors.

Also, have to commend them for making changes based on customer feedback that greatly improved the takeoff process. The learning curve is long for this program but it is quite functional.

I was first introduced to Bludbeam through my place of employment. I use a jpg copy of my signature to insert onto a letter – Acrobat it looks closer to having really signed the document -License restrictions – need multiple licenses for each device. I first started using it when I got in the construction industry in June and I have never used a PDF editing software that is as user friendly as Bluebeam.

I used to open two separate Adobe windows and then click and drag pages bluebeeam one into another.

Bluebeam Revu Auto Size MarkUps – Hagen Business Systems

When marking-up PDF drawings or diagrams, the ability scale dimensions and measurements within the software is valuable. If you don’t flatten markups before emailing or sharing them, Apple devices very often don’t display the markups at all, which is bad.

If there was a way to improve on that that would be great. I have found many tools harder to find and sheink not convinced of any productivity gains as a result of the interface change.

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Bluebeam provides a lot of functionality, but depending on your needs surink may be able to use something cheaper and less functional. It has a quick button in these programs to easily convert it into a PDF inside of Bluebeam.