Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. On practical Occultism, as defined by Blavatsky, supported by quotes and articles by her theosophical contemporaries, like Damodar, W.Q. Judge and Subba. Quotes from Classic Theosophical writers like H.P. Blavatsky, W.Q. Judge, the Mahatmas Koot Hoomi and Morya and others. Practical Occultism. Col. Wr. XIII, p.

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Let them stop here and attempt no more in their great weakness. Moreover, there is one important fact with which the student should be made acquainted. This offer is only good for a mailing to a Canadian address. It is the magnetic or mesmeric fluid flowing out of the fingers’ ends of the hand tracing the figure which cures or at least stops the acute pain in the benumbing nerves and not the figure per se.

Why not imagine occultiam a dozen of skunks imprisoned in the pure atmosphere of a Dgon-pa a monastery can issue out of it impregnated with all the perfumes of the incenses used?

For he would find himself ever hesitating between the voice of the impersonal divine love of Humanity, and that of the personal, terrestrial love.

I oft have heard, but ne’er believed till now, There are, who can by potent magic spells Bend to their crooked purpose Nature’s laws Milton. Indeed there is, we answer. To top – More practical occultism. This applies especially to the earlier, probationary period, while the rules given in Lucifer for April [] last pertain properly to a later stage, that of actual occult training and the development of occult powers and insight.

These are passion-proof, so to blavatskky. As no person’s karma can be either lightened or overburdened with the good or bad actions of the next of kin of the departed one, every man having his karma independent and distinct from that of his neighbour – no more can the departed soul be made responsible for the doings of those it left behind.

It is only when the power of the pas- sions is dead altogether, and when they have been crushed and annihilated practixal the retort of an unflinching will ; when THE OCCULT ARTS 59 not only all the lusts and longings of the flesh blabatsky dead, but also the recogni- tion of the personal Self is killed out and the ” Ocxultism ” has been reduced in consequence to a cipher, that the Union with the ” Higher Self ” can take place.

Mavalankar did, — give up entirely caste, his old blavateky and show himself a true reformer especially in the case of child marriage he will remain simply a member of the Society with no hope whatever of ever hearing from us.


It is the teacher who makes the selections according to the magnetic and electric natures of the students, bringing together and adjusting most carefully the positive and the negative elements. In the last case, of course, ten to one the student would blossom into a very decent kind of sorcerer, and tumble down headlong into black magic.

Practical Occultism

Anxiety is the foe of knowledge; like unto a veil it falls down before the soul’s eye; entertain it, and the veil only thicker grows; cast it out, and the sun of truth may dissipate the cloudy veil. What are blavatzky real necessities of life? Life thus becomes worth living for its own sake when its mission becomes plain, and its splendid opportunities are once appreciated.

For those who win onwards there is a reward past all telling – the power to bless and save humanity; for those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come. From the moment they begin really to teach, from the instant they confer any 10 PRACTICAL power — whether psychic, mental or physical — on their pupils, they take upon themselves all the sins of that pupil, in connection with the Occult Sciences, whether of omission or com- mission, until the moment when initia- tion makes occulfism pupil a Master and responsible in his turn.

Full text of “Blavatsky Practical Occultism”

Moreover, there is one important fact with which the student prsctical be made acquainted. It will also suggest the meaning of the neophyte being made to undergo a particular kind of sleep for a certain period before each initiation. Jesus, Apollonius, and some of the apostles, had the power to cast out devils, by purifying the atmosphere within and without the patient, so as to force the unwelcome tenant to flight.

Too numerous interments within a limited space and a comparatively short time saturate the earth with the products of blavvatsky to such a degree, as to make it incapable of further absorbing them, and the decomposition under such a condition being retarded its products escape directly into the atmosphere, bringing on epidemic diseases and plagues.

In occultism a most solemn vow has to be taken never to use any powers acquired or conferred for the benefit of one’s own personal self, for to do so would be to set foot on the steep and treacherous slope that ends in the abyss of Black Magic.

It will be found that these two means of purification are best pro- 1 Light on the Path, Rule 4. He should be alone as little as possible, but his companions should be carefully chosen. It includes them all and may even use them occasionally, practcal it does so after purifying them of their dross, for beneficent purposes, and taking care to deprive them of every element of selfish motive.


Practical Occultism : Blavatsky, H.P : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

And then the details of daily life, the command not to touch even the hand of one’s nearest and dearest. Experimenters must however always avoid excessive taxation of the nervous system. It is b,avatsky common mistake of people that we willingly wrap ourselves and our powers in mystery – that we wish to keep our knowledge to ourselves, and of our own will refuse – “wantonly and deliberately” to communicate it.

The first great basic delusion’ you have to get over is the identification of your- self with the physical body. They will simply, by a strong effort of will, put down the fierce flames and keep them at bay within their natures, allowing the fire to smoulder under a thin layer of ashes.

We [the Mahatma’s] are leaders but not childnurses. Belial added it Apr 04, Hence all methods are good, and occultiam are but parts of the great practica, which is Devotion. For it has been said too often to need repetition, and the fact itself is patent to any observer, that when once the desire for Occultism has really awakened in a THE OCCULT ARTS 49 man’s heart, there remains for him no hope of peace, no place of rest and comfort in all the world.

Imagination acts on Faith and both are the draughtsmen who prepare the sketches for Blavatksy to engrave, more or less deeply, on the rocks or blavarsky and opposition with which the path of life is strewn. Does not our very diagnosis indicate that? Such words could answer only to ideas which a cultured man was scarcely supposed to harbour in his mind.

Laura rated it really liked it Sep 16, His will-power must be aroused. He has either to ascend laboriously, step by step, often through numerous incarnations and no Devachanic breakthe golden ladder leading to Mahatmaship the Arhat or Bodhisattva conditionor — he will let himself slide down the ladder at the first false step, and roll down into Dugpaship.

For his final goal, the attainment of Mukti is the very identification of the Jivatma with Paramatma, the Universal Spirit, which manifests itself in ALL – which can never be accomplished except by one’s putting oneself en rapport with Nature through a cultivation of the feeling of unselfish Philanthropy. Happy are those whose astral sense is not opened and who do not see all the terrible things that are about us.