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Definition of mycorrhiza, the isolation and duplication, the impact of crop production, types of mycorrhiza, the factors that influence the formation, on the effects of nutrients uptake, determination of effects over the quality of plant products.

Physical, chemical and biological aspects of being recognized. Issues needed for paying attention during usage of laboratory apparatus and equipment. Kensaku Suzuki, Tarlan G. Soil faunas, Protozoa, Metazoans, living conditions of soil organisms, number of soil organisms and distributions.

Selected current published articles of course subjects. Will learn about the symbiotic lives of soil microorganisms 2. Improving awareness of students about mycorrhiza subject and usage of mycorrhiza in agriculture.

Molecular Biology and Genetics. Molar concentration, value of charges of Acids, bases and salts, problem solving.

Units of measure conversion, laboratory safety and first aid, use of laboratory apparatus and equipment, storage of chemical bitmi, indicators, and beslrme standard substances, titration, buffer solutions. Counting methods in microbiology.


Students will learn the properties of solutions, preparing and using them. Determination of buffering capacity, determination of pKa coefficient, determination of pKb coefficients. The effect of ultrasound stimulation on the gene and protein expression of chondrocytes seeded in chitosan scaffolds.

General information about the lives of symbiotic microorganisms.

bitki besleme pdf reader

Effect of fiber diameter on spreading, proliferation and differentiation of sers on electrospun chitosan matrices. Taking the soil samples for microbiological counting and teaching the theoretical and applied skills for preparation of samples 1. The effects of mycorrhiza on the uptake of plant nutrients and teaching the effects of mycorrhiza on the quality of plant products 3.

The relationships between microorganisms and plant roots, relationships between soil organisms-soil productivity. Mamedov Phosphoglycolate phosphatase gene and the mutation in phosphoglycolate phosphatase-deficient mutant pgp1 of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.

Why College Green

The scope of soil microbiology and the importance in terms of notlzr. Ionization of energy, Electron affinity, energy of bond, Ionic bonds, covalent bonds, Electro-covalent bonds, coordinate-covalent bonds, hydrogen bonds, metalical bonds. Provide general information about the isolation of soil microorganisms.

Textbook of Analytical Chemistry.


M and Mamedov T. Description of glass and other equipments in the laboratory, converting measurement units, solutions, saturation degrees of solutions, solution concentrations. Teaching the electrical conductivity as one of the parameters used in the classification of water. At the end of the this course; students will learn 1.


Teaching microorganism inoculation methods to solid nutrient medium 2. Learn the relationships between microorganisms and plants 4. Xers will learn calculation methods in the preparation of solutions 3.

Ziraat Fakültesi

Carbon balance, decompositions of beseme compounds, decompositions of organic matter, decompositions of cellulose in soil, decomposition of hydrocarbons. Human vaccine,7, — Identify soil microorganisms and their relationship with soil fertility Being able to use microbiological fertilizer within agricultural activity Performing and assessment microbiological analyses. MamedovEric R. Antibodies to plant-produced Plasmodium falciparum sexual stage protein Pfs25 exhibit transmission blocking activity.

Activity of soil organisms, the role of edephone on the development of soils, the role of microorganisms and fauna on decomposition of soil organic matter.

Teaching students The isolation of soil microorganisms and reproducing of isolated microorganisms and their inoculation to another plant.