Benjamin R. Barber, a political theorist whose book, “Jihad vs. McWorld,” presciently analyzed the socioeconomic forces leading to the. Jihad vs. McWorld: How Globalism and Tribalism Are Reshaping the World is a book by American political scientist Benjamin Barber, in which he puts forth . Benjamin R. Barber, Author, ‘Jihad vs. McWorld: Democracy As an. Rarely, as Richard Falk writes in The Great Terror War, has an event exerted such leverage .

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And there is much to cheer in Barber’s analysis. He also proposes a model for small, local democratic institutions and civic engagement as the hope for an alternative to these two forces.

He died in We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Review: Jihad vs McWorld by Benjamin R Barber | Books | The Guardian

This is a wholly generous tribute: Barber offers a penetrating analysis of the central conflict of our times: It means, too, the Oklahoma bombing, the demented Protestantism of Jerry Falwell and his kind, which, he says, “no more defines Protestantism than the Taliban defines Islam”. Barber argues that there are several imperatives that make up the McWorld, or the globalization of politics: He may remind you at times of Daniel Bell, whose Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism more or less blamed Playboy for the unravelling of the work ethic, but like Bell he’s no fool.

The information-technology of globalization has opened up communications to people all over the world, allowing us to exchange information. These diametrically opposed but intertwined forces are tearing apart – and bringing together – the world as we know it, undermining democracy and the nation-state on which it depends.


Barber offers a penetrating and pertinent analysis of consumerist capitalism versus religious fundamentalism. He further posits that McWorld could ultimately win the “struggle”.

Subscribe to Read More to find out about similar books. You might take issue with the two-page preface to the British edition.

The index, incidentally, could do with some improvement. The nation-state would play a diminished role, and sovereignty would lose some of its political potency.

One may expect Guardian readers in particular to raise a cheer about this. These tribal forces come in many varieties: Barber’s prognosis in Jihad vs Mihad is generally negative—he concludes that neither global corporations nor traditional cultures are supportive of democracy. As neoliberal economic theory —not to be confused with social liberalism —is the force behind globalization, this critique is relevant on a much larger scale. Civil society has to be built varber the inside out.

Looking bzrber More Great Reads? Retrieved from ” https: Recent events have not exactly conspired to overturn its thesis, although one might for the moment feel like reversing the word order, given who has been most visibly on the offensive lately. In this important new book, he explores the alarming repercussions of this potent dialectic for democracy.

I told you so

But has the author been to a PFI hospital lately, listened to a speech by Tony Blair, or stood on a British rail platform and found himself addressed as a “customer”?


On the one hand, capitalism on the global level is rapidly dissolving the social and economic barriers between nations, transforming the world’s diverse populations into a blandly uniform market. To help us recommend your next book, tell us what you enjoy reading. Love Jihad Vs McWorld?

Jihad Vs McWorld

Barber writes democracy can be spread and vs.mceorld through the world satisfying the needs of both the McWorld and Jihad. On the other hand, ethnic, religious, and racial hatreds are fragmenting the political landscape into smaller and smaller tribal units. Also by Benjamin Barber. Also, technology is now systematically integrated into everyone’s lives to the point where it “gives every person on earth access to every other person”.

I continue to believe that Britain has discovered at least one part of the secret of how to elude both Jihad and McWorld, and recreate in the global arena the tradition of rebellion and liberty, of vsmcworld and the limits on democracy, that has fashioned its own liberal tradition. McWorld holds up a sharp, clear lens to the dangerous chaos of the post-Cold War world.

See all books by Benjamin Barber. If ever a commentator on the world scene was to be allowed the dubious privilege of saying “I told you so” on September 11it was Professor Barber.