modelos genrenciales: outplacement reingenieria benchmarking calidad total just in time empowerment. OUTSOURCING BALANCED SCORE CARD. Reingeniería de la Organización, Globalización, . Autoridad y el mando en la empresa: empowerment, tipos, Centra- . Benchmarking y que pueden hacer los profesionales de Recursos Outsourcing: Asesoría y servicios de Administración de recursos. las herramientas administrativas modernas como es el Benchmarking, Empowerment, Downsizing, Outsourcing, Desarrollo Organizacional, Reingeniería de.

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As an annual average, major investments were on the order of TND 6. If the project is to be continued, these analyses should be conducted before any extension is implemented; the ” faire-faire”group and gender approaches should also be reviewed; and the formulation of any continued work should take special account outsourcig other initiatives and projects in the same or in complimentary sectors e.

After over six years of activities, the IGAP has begun to have significant poverty-reduction impacts on the target groups according to the indicators monitored, such as increased income, access to potable water, food security, acquisition of consumer goods, etc. The total cost for the “rural financing” component was of SDRexcluding support and infrastructure costs. It has had a commendable coverage of smaller and poorer farm households and a significant impact on a representative cross section of the district population, of whom most subsisted below the poverty line pre-Project, and now many fewer do; and among whom the majority have been women.

In the future, and given the Government’s search for new formulas for liaison and exchange with rural and farming communities GDAP, GD, etc.

Project evaluations

However, the team did not benchmarrking to design and put in place a more effective operational strategy in time to better program activities, which would no doubt have achieved better results. The Mission did not see a single trace of deforestation or soil erosion in all areas benvhmarking. Sin embargo, no se tomaron medidas adecuadas para reforzar estos aspectos por ejemplo: With a view to the preparation of a new project — which both the beneficiary populations and the Senegalese government have requested and which IFAD, considering the results achieved by the project thus far, wishes to carry out — the Office of Evaluation OE was asked to undertake an interim evaluation of PRODAM.

The mission recommends further investment in all five districts on the grounds that the task, although well-started, is only half-done, and many of the investments may prove unsustainable. Productive capital also increased, thanks to the acquisition of equipment power pumps and draught animals via the producer organizations OPs.


The planned duration was seven years, with a completion date of 31 December A permanent base was outwourcing for the Savannah Agricultural Research Institute SARI at Dokpong Agricultural Station at Wa, with the construction of an office block with laboratory facilities, accommodation for ten staff and a large conference hall. Micro-enterprise thus proves to be a resource that can make it possible to benchmarkinb poverty in a rural environment.

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Although the onlending agreement for the line of credit and the memorandum of agreement were signed with CMS, the line of credit never received a call for funds from that institution. The performance of the partners in implementation has varied. However, the risk funds that were to cover some of the losses to loans 9 were mobilized in two parts and CMS received some equipment.

Sustainability has been constrained in the rural finance component by below-market interest rates to final borrowers and poor credit discipline. Some doubt hangs over the usefulness of the parish revenue offices in view of the imminent suspension of Graduated Tax.

The document also notes the importance of environmental factors in increasing vulnerability.

Many of the dams have engineering and technical problems which bespeaks a lack of supervision. En el contexto agro rural de Paraguay el impacto del proyecto ha sido poco significativo. IFAD can be commended for an intelligent project design, the boldness of the new approach to credit delivery and the strong personal support of the then Country Portfolio Manager, mentioned by staff at all levels.

Exclusive focus on demonstrations of an application of SSP to groundnut led to limited results because of the unavailability of SSP and the farmers’ inability to afford fertiliser inputs following withdrawal of the project. Generally speaking, the total amount of credits appears low compared to the amount of deposits, but this is a reflection of the CAPECs’ prudent start-up policies and their present level of activities.

Based on the achievements and the failings of the PDARI experience, the mission has formulated two types of recommendations. The average increases by county were The ” faire-faire approach” is intended to increase the effectiveness of implementation and the participation by beneficiaries small rural producers in defining their problems. CMS did not open the 10 new funds projected but rather during the course of the project closed some funds or transformed some into points of service.


The main justification was the near total failure of previous top-down, culturally inept development initiatives; economic stagnation and resultant chronic poverty; inability of the traditional jhum system of shifting cultivation to cope with increasing population and decreasing fertility, with consequent threat to reihgenieria and biodiversity; and the general air of distrust and disillusion about Government intervention.

In electric power supply, 80 out of the targeted villages have been connected to the grid; those outstanding are now waiting for an imminent Government rural electrification programme that will greatly widen the coverage.

Project evaluations

The other major investment under the roads component is the ongoing construction of two motorable roads to Lake Albert. These districts were among the poorest in the country, with average earnings less than half the national average and malnutrition benchmarkihg widespread.

The commendable decision to maintain previous levels of government support in the project area meant that the operation of the SWAIADP constituted a genuine addition, rather than a partial reigenieria. Rural credit for income-generating activities. On biodiversity awareness achievement is disappointing. In terms of community-based development, major activities have included agricultural training for girls and have given rise to microprojects in cattle, sheep and rabbit-breeding and beekeeping.

The Mission was supplemented and its work greatly facilitated by inputs from the national counterpart team, comprising selected members of the Regional Programme Support Unit and the various District cadres. Many loans signed by husbands were in fact utilised by women. Also, 1 accounts were opened at the partner decentralized financial services and 1 savings plans were formed.

The provision of micro credit for poor households constituted the main instrument for implementation.

Project implementation took place under a sector programming approach with broad consultation of populations. The implementation progress of the animal traction component has been very modest at field level, with only carts, 65 ploughs and 65 ridgers made available to individuals, training conducted and refurbishment of one blacksmith’s workshop at Tarsaw. Conditions got even worse following the events of and the repatriation of 7 refugees, who settled in the department.