In the course of a few decades, I became separated from my copy of “Up the Down Staircase,” Bel Kaufman’s classic novel about a New York. Unit 5 Up The Down Staircase Солодокова Анастасия ИЯ АМБ The text under analysis is called “Up The Down Staircase” and written by an American. Bel Kaufman, a former New York City schoolteacher whose classic first novel, “ Up the Down Staircase” — shot through with despair and.

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Thank God this book was required for class. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Feb 15, Jeannette Nikolova rated it it was ok.

Up the Down Staircase

Retrieved 16 September Bel Kaufman, the author of this book will turn this week. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Dec 02, Howard rated it really liked it Shelves: None of this is new. The novel is epistolary ; aside from opening and closing chapters consisting entirely of dialogue the story is told through memos from the office, fragments of notes dropped in the trash can, essays handed in to be graded, lesson plans, suggestions dropped in the class suggestion box, and most often by inter-classroom notes that are a dialogue between Sylvia and an older teacher.

It makes for a fast and very engaging read, and lends an air of verisimilitude. Refresh and try again. It achieves this in large part by mixing long-form letters to a close friend with the short memos and comment box entries. It has been translated into sixteen languages, made into a prize-winning motion picture, and staged as a play at high schools all over the United States; its very title has become part of the American idiom.


No, he said, a grocery store. Doen Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Her experiences there were the inspiration for Up the Down Staircase. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The only instance for us to somewhat feel her teaching is when court is held in class.

Publication of Bel Kaufman’s “Up the Down Staircase” | Jewish Women’s Archive

Maybe I should give it 3 stars, but I’m not entirely sold with this book. The first one is that the pupils try to go up but fail due to teachers. The longer letters give us some depth of feeling.

He comes to school dressed for the part, with a gavel, and proceeds to play his role with perfect seriousness, telling a fellow classmate who challenges his point of court etiquette “I ought to know. Never before has a novel so compellingly laid bare the inner workings of a metropolitan Bel Kaufman’s Up the Down Staircase is one of the best-loved novels of our time.

I liked how resourceful the author was when it comes to places from which the notes, letters and so on, are taken. Chronicling those first tentative steps into a classroom chock full of idealism and short on any real preparation, Kaufman shows the hearts and minds of students – and teachers and principals- for what they truly are, as well as the sea of senseless and dehumanizing paperwork that was thw out loud funny in its clever irony and utter stupidity.

There is stairrcase external conflict in the fragment.

The novel uses a series of memos, directives, student comments, teachers’ notes, and various materials drawn from school wastepaper baskets to detail a new idealistic teacher’s encounters with the administrative bureaucracy of an inner-city school. The book uses drawings here and there, usually presented as student doodles, to add to the humor. View all 3 comments. I was never a teacher, upp I kajfman certainly a student, as was my daughter.


I greeted him with a feeble joke: The main character, Sylvia, is a serious woman who is unprepared by her education for classes of SS students Super-Slows and ordinary sttaircase facing trouble in over-filled poor facilities. There’s a story where the teacher, Sylvia Barrett, gets in big trouble because she lets one of her students leave an exam she was proctoring to use the toilet without waiting for a hall proctor to escort him there.

It means that he is better than the best. So I was not really convinced. Apr 18, Lindsey rated it it was amazing.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Neophyte idealistic teacher, Sylvia Barrett’s first semester teaching at an inner-city Ksufman high school, contending with the horrendous bureaucracy, paperwork, and red tape and trying to instill the love of learning in her students, persisting despite setbacks. Bel Kaufman was a public school teacher who revealed what the New York public schools were really like.

You’ll soon learn the language.

One I reread a few times. Many of her inner city students are at risk of dropping out, have haphazard home lives, and little parental support, yet she soon learns tye most are just crying out for someone to notice them, to care about them.

The tautology here is used in ironical meaning, it demonstrates that she, during the working days has no time to even think. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.