BD Transistor Datasheet pdf, BD Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics. BD Datasheet, BD NPN Medium Power Transistor Datasheet, buy BD Transistor. BD, , , , , . Disclaimer This data sheet and its contents ( the “Information”) belong to the Premier Farnell Group (the “Group”) or are.

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We have now successfully datasgeet our first stage – Opera. When used datasehet sealed area, confirm the actual ambient temperature. Only includes enable input Figure 8. Pin Name Function Pin No. The product described in this specification is designed to be used with ordinary electronic equipment or devices such as audio-visual equipment, office-automation equipment, communications devices, electrical appliances, and electronic toys. If there are any differences in translation version of this document formal version takes priority Application example ROHM cannot provide adequate confirmation of patents.

However, semiconductor products can fail or malfunction at a certain rate. Also, shorts caused bbd433 dust entering between the output, input and GND pin may result in damaging the IC. Use both the front and reverse side of the PCB to increase the heat dissipation pattern as far as possible.

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The following are examples of safety measures: Should you intend to use this product with equipment or devices which require an extremely high level of reliability and the malfunction of which would directly endanger human life such as medical instruments, transportation equipment, aerospace machinery, nuclear-reactor controllers, fuel controllers and other safety devicesplease be sure to consult with our sales representative in advance.

Ceramic capacitors can be used for compensation of the output capacitor phase. Normal operation should be within the power dissipation rating, if however the rating is exceeded for a continued period, the junction temperature Tj will rise and the TSD circuit will be activated and turn all output pins OFF.


The absolute maximum rating of the Pd stated in this specification is when the IC is mounted on a 70mm X 70mm X 1. Therefore do not employ any method in which parasitic diodes can operate such as applying a voltage to an input pin that is lower than the P substrate GND. In case problems arise within the actual operating range, use countermeasures such as adjusting the output capacitance. ROHM shall not be in any way responsible or liable for any damages, expenses or losses incurred by you or third parties resulting from inaccuracy or errors of or concerning such information.

Baking is required before using Products of which storage time is exceeding the recommended storage time period.

In case of exceeding this absolute maximum rating, increase the board size and copper area to prevent exceeding the Pd rating. This protection circuit is effective in preventing damage due to sudden and unexpected incidents. However, the IC should not be used in applications characterized by continuous operation or transitioning of the protection circuit.

If you intend to use our Products under any special or extraordinary environments or conditions as exemplified belowyour independent verification and confirmation of product performance, reliability, etc, prior to use, must be necessary: Their operation can result in mutual interference between circuits and can cause malfunctions and, in turn, physical damage to or destruction of the chip.

Therefore, in case you use such information, you are solely responsible for it and you must exercise your own independent verification and judgment in the use of such information contained in this document. Although the actual application might be the cause of the transients, the IC input voltage, output current and temperature are also possible causes.

ROHM shall not be in any way responsible or liable for any damages, expenses or losses incurred by you or third parties arising from the use of such information. Low ESR ceramic capacitor can be used as output capacitor. Integrated thermal shutdown to protect the IC from overheating at overload conditions.


This in order to separate the small-signal and high current patterns and to ensure that voltage changes stemming from the wiring resistance and high current do not cause any voltage change in the small-signal GND.

As a protection from static electricity, ensure that the assembly setup is grounded and take sufficient caution with transportation and storage. Otherwise bent leads may occur due to excessive stress applied when dropping of a carton. On the reverse side of the package this product has an exposed heat pad for improving the heat dissipation. Parasitic diodes inevitably occur in the structure of the IC.

A customer may use this translation version only for a reference to help reading the formal version. Transient characteristics should be sufficiently verified.

BD433 数据手册 PDF ( (BD433 – BD437) Silicon NPN Power Transistors )

We also recommend using reverse polarity diodes in series or a bypass between all pins and the VCC pin. Please take special care under dry condition e. For example, in case a resistor and a transistor are connected to the pins as shown in the figure below then: Not connected 4 N. Avoid applying power exceeding normal rated power; exceeding the power rating under steady-state loading condition may negatively affect product performance and reliability. Therefore, when actually using the chip, ensure that the generated heat does not exceed the Pd rating.

Furthermore, these ICs also feature overcurrent protection to protect the device from damage caused by short-circuiting and an integrated thermal shutdown to protect the device from overheating at overload conditions. In this event it also becomes impossible to determine the cause of the damage e.