Three months of bitter air-ground-sea action in the Solomon Islands had resulted Two battleships, under Rear Adm. Hiroaki Abe, headed for Guadalcanal with. The Japanese sent another battleship, the Kirishima, accompanied by that Halsey had to fight in a surface action were two warships at sea. cruiser/destroyer action on the night of. November, the First Naval Battle of Guadalcanal and the battleship action on the night of November, the.

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Like Hiei the previous day, her boilers and engines still worked, but seawater had sloshed into her steering machinery compartments. South Dakota was in little danger of sinking, but she was virtually useless. The Americans knew the enemy moves, thanks to their cryptographers. Utterly fascinating account of a very significant part of our history which most people now days are not aware of.

Washington was still tracking the questionable target. He also fired torpedoes, but the range was too close.

One thing was clear after the battle. The landings were meant to prevent the Japanese using the islands as bases from which to threaten the supply routes between the U. The Japanese carriers, however, were also forced to retreat because of losses to carrier aircraft and aircrewmen. Her crew lightened the ship forward and tried to repair the damage. Everyone wondered why South Dakota —whose electrical problems had her virtually paralyzed—was plodding along silently behind.


The captain and navigator should be in Conn. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Meanwhile, Kondo raced after Washington. On 12 December, the Japanese Navy proposed that Guadalcanal be abandoned. These attacks set the transports afire and destroyed any equipment on them that the Japanese had not yet managed to unload.

The American weaknesses were many, however: The failure to deliver to Guadalcanal most of the troops and especially supplies in the convoy prevented the Japanese from launching another offensive to retake Henderson Field.

Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal: Turning Point in the Pacific War | HistoryNet

But there was no time to think about those issues just then. The Japanese Navy would never again commit cruisers or battleships or aircraft carriers to the waters around Guadalcanal.

But South Dakota got most of the credit for the outcome of the battle. As battleshp as Ironbottom Sound was secure, Tanaka would land his transports.

Observers who witnessed other ships of our force under concentrated fire reported the Japanese gunnery to be accurate. It could not be South Dakotacould it?

Battle of Guadalcanal

Retrieved from ” https: She was noticed by AsagumoMurasameand Samidare who had just finished blasting Laffey. That saved a lot of lives. Everyone could see dozens of men in the water clinging guadalcahal floating wreckage. Due to the extra amount of oxygen based fuel of the LL torpedoes many fires were caused due to battle damage when IJN ships were hit by shellfire.


The problem was the location of the SG radar. Two hundred miles to battlesjip north, the Japanese aciton swinging into action.

Admiral Lee had a positive doctrine that he maintained, despite the absence of his entire destroyer screen. The selected train firing key was used in plot to insure that the firing pointer could see the light that indicates when the director train is on target.

That night, all hell broke loose in Ironbottom Sound. Berman, aboard Washingtonsaw Walke get hit.

Naval Battle of Guadalcanal

Even though South Dakota and Washington were administratively Battleship Division 6, they had never before operated together. Such a system is made possible by the fact that the director is trained automatically by generated battlfship. Turner and the transport ships safely reached Espiritu Santo on 15 November.