basiswoordenschat Duits – Deutsch. basiswoordenschat Duits – Deutsch. Thumbnails Document Outline Attachments. Find: Previous. Next. Highlight all. Maybe % 20Duits Ach ja, in ieder geval veel succes met het leren van Duits. Woordenschat Duits-Nederlands / Vokabular Deutsch-Niederländisch. Thema: Informatie over personen, LANDEN EN NATIONALITEITEN (deel1).

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This site might be helpful for learning grammar: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Blue For non-natives and learners only. Posts that do not concern the German language or learning German will be removed.


When reporting a submission or comment, please message the moderators with a short explanation of the reasons for the report. German subscribe unsubscribe 67, readers users here now Home hot new top This is a community for learners of German and discussions of the German language.

Also, please keep in mind that teachers are well aware of sudden jumps in the level of your college German ; 5 Please do not dujts this reddit to solicit for-profit language learning courses or paid programs. Green For natives only. Submit a new text post. Het voordeel van het vanuit het Nederlands leren als je goed studiemateriaal vindt is trouwens wel dat je, natuurlijk, heel veel woorden herkent.


Log in basiswoorrdenschat sign up in seconds. I’ve been learning German for two months now, and the whole time I learnt through English resources because it’s both the most resourceful language on the internet and the Dutch resources I had found were severely lacking.

Er zijn wel een paar “false friends”, maar die zijn er vanuit welke taal je ook leert. Check our Wiki for materials and tips and the FAQ for frequently asked questions before posting.

Ach ja, in ieder geval veel succes met het leren van Duits. However, I recently figured learning German might become easier if I just learnt it from Dutch resources. Ikzelf heb basiwwoordenschat nog best wel wat moeite mee, ik denk dat ik niet echt een talenknobbel heb.

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I still have some of the books I had to use in school. Any Dutch-speaking German learners here? Want to add to the discussion? Resubmitted because the title was bqsiswoordenschat. Submit a new link. Feel free to contribute materials, questions, tips, guides! Make sure to edit your flair so it also contains some info about your region natives or your native language learners.

basiswoordenschat Duits – Deutsch

So, Dutch-speaking people here, what resources do you like to use to learn German? Pick if German is your mother tongue. As for learning vocabulary I’m pretty much drawing I blank.


We used the “Neue Kontakte”-method. Ik realiseer me nu pas dat ik dit hele bericht gewoon in het Nederlands had kunnen typen. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I feel like it’s almost impossible to not learn German as a Dutch speaker no matter how bad the resources are. Dankjewel, dit is inderdaad een goed lijstje!

Ik zal voor mijn woordenschat gewoon Memrise blijven gebruiken! Just buy whatever they use in school.

basiswoordenschat Duits – Deutsch

Also, please keep in mind that teachers are well aware of sudden jumps in the level of your college German. Pick a flair according to your level. I also think mijnwoordenboek is a great DE-NE dictionary, as it gives you example sentences for the words you translate in most cases, some words are not in the mijnwoordenboek database, but the most common ones certainly are: I think most Dutch resources you’d want to use not just as reference material, but for serious study are paid resources and I’m afraid I can’t really help you with that.