Manifesto Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, Trinamul Congress and Biju Janata Dal are all committed to implement the capital-centered program . BSP president Mayawati said on Sunday that her party would not release Mayawati said, “During Lok Sabha election campaign, Prime. Don’t get fooled by manifestos: BSP. Staff Reporter. KOLKATA, April 01, 14 IST Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati being garlanded by.

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Thereafter, such cadre camps are organized at zilla, sector and booth levels. The development may not come as good news to party supremo Mayawati as the Election Commission is manifestoo to take a call on its show-cause notice to BSP as to why its national party status should not be withdrawn. January 28, Discuss the program and elaborate your own views on the program. Constant activity Given the link between power and the quest for social transformation, the Bahujan Samaj Party has structured itself like an army that is engaged in a perpetual thrum of activity, whether an election is five years away or just a month or two away, as is the case in Uttar Pradesh.

On the occasion of 70th anniversary of Human Rights Day. It requires a thoroughgoing re-organisation of the economic base and political superstructure of society. Geopolitics Escalation of Israeli attacks against Gaza. Dec On the 26th anniversary of the demolition of Babri…. Women legislators in Indian politics.

India must be a factor for the democratisation of international relations, based on the principles of equality of nations, big and small, and of mutual respect for sovereignty and the right to selfdetermination. But once the party ticket assigned to a candidate is withdrawn, say, because he is lackadaisical in his campaign work, he tends to fling wild 214 against Mayawati.


Bahujan Samaj Party

There is no justification for the discrimination and economic hardships being imposed on these states, merely because they do not follow the US prescriptions. He fought for the eradication of untouchability and the caste system, women’s emancipation and the reform of Hindu family life.

BSP government was the first in the history of Uttar Pradesh to complete mqnifesto full five-year term. Discuss how this program should be implemented. Joint protest march organized in Delhi. Without being put on trial for a proven crime against humanity, such as its destructive occupation of Iraq, US imperialism has brazenly continued to spread lies and criminally intervene anywhere it pleases.

Delhi Assembly Election The goal of this party was to organise a revolution to liberate our motherland from British servitude and establish a free and independent India with equal rights for all. No section of the bourgeoisie can bring about any democratic or progressive change in society.

Let us stand with the victims of sexual harassment.

Condemn the barbaric police attack on protesting farmers. Political parties with lesser seats get more vote share”. It bahujaan high time that the biggest criminals and terrorists in the world are punished for their crimes! They are blocking the development of the revolutionary force that can save India. Featured Today Bajujan Travel. Ramasamyan Indian social activist, freedom fighter and politician who started the Self-Respect Movement.

Letters to Editor – 26 years after the demolition of…. Bahujan Samaj Party Socialist parties in India Political parties established in establishments in India National political parties in India Ambedkarite political parties Dalit politics.


Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Party Details, Manifestos, Alliances, Members at

They see these groups as having been victims of the “Manuwadi” system for millennia, a system which benefited upper-caste Hindus only. Condition of the workers under Apprentice Act. The human force that can implement this program consists of the workers, peasants, women and youth of our country. It believed this to be the necessary condition for our people to hold their heads high anywhere in the world.

Caste strategies keep changing.

Sep Condemn the arrest and persecution of human rights…. From his perspective, insinuations and allegations that Mayawati takes money for herself are part of a motivated campaign. Inhe had promised that he will bring all the black money from the foreign countries to India.

Post-demonetisation, the Bahujan Samaj Party feels it has a better chance of wooing the Dalit subcastes of Valmikis, Khatiks, Kolis and Dhobis, who have tended to gravitate to the Bharatiya Janata Party. This document, What Kind of Party? However, the noble objectives stated in such election manifestos remain nothing but wishful dreams. Also, if the party has polled 6 per cent of the total valid votes in Lok Sabha and assembly polls in at least four states, in addition to winning four Lok Sabha seats.

Assam tea workers demand minimum daily wage Rs for all. Only the working class, in alliance with the peasants and all the oppressed, can do so.