Carole Maso. Ava Klein, thirty-nine, lover of life, world traveler, professor of comparative literature, is dying. From her hospital bed on this, her. All articles below are freely available for dowload as PDF documents. Contents: Approaches to Carole Maso’s AVA Monica Berlin Textual Bodies: Carole Maso’s . Looking back on her life, Ava claims tohave been “extraordinarily lucky,” but the reader is even luckierthat Carole Maso has written and Dalkey Archive has.

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Her awareness of death looks more like this: Are you sure, Ava Klein, that no one is bringing you experimental drugs? Maso has written another spellbinder. Currently she is a professor Carole Maso is a contemporary American novelist and essayist, known for her experimental, poetic and fragmentary narratives often labeled as postmodern.

Liked this feminist book review? Notify me of new posts via email. An erotic and moving book, AVA reconfirms Maso’s reputation as one of our most refined and daring novelists. It’s something to be read, not read about. This carolf kind of felt like a women’s David Markson to me– less anecdotes, more memories, repetition, and feelings, but the same sort of fragmented, pull-this-together-look-ma-no-hands postmodernism that I love love love in Markson.

In order to personalize and make this an interactive text, one must participate in the blank space — in between the lines — and participate in the reading by making connections within the poem as well as with personal experiences that may relate to or be triggered by the text.

She spells her name: This is what I would like In the end, my parents standing at my bed, singing me gently into death, As they sang me into life, All I can hope for.

In Ava, Maso has created a woman who burned through her life, in travel, in the pleasure of the flesh–to live, to sing, to eat–she remembers the spaghetti bolognese she and her lover ate, almost more important than craole lover.

There are lines from other writers throughout, including Eliot and Paul Celan and Lorca, as well as refrains of feminist thinkers Monique Wittig and Helene Cixous and the overarching figure of Collette.

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Most notably, despite the very premise of the book, after the accumulation of so many examples of pain, she arrives at a hopeful note. Reading it quickly, the way I wanted to read it and the way that I wound up reading the final more-than-half of it was mwso much better pace for it for me.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! It is imperative to interact with these images, but it is difficult to do so when the character is present in every image that emerges.

Eliot, Robbe-Grillet, Sarraute, Max Frisch, and Beckett to acknowledge their influence and to signal the novel’s genre, but these references never distract f Carole Maso’s novel is absolutely stunning. mwso

Carole Maso – The American Woman in the Chinese Hat

Sad, but not for the reasons intended. The voices of her three former husbands emerge: Her thoughts shift from love, death, literary criticism, war, family, and doctors. She sought legitimacy from others. Oct 13, Michael rated it it was amazing. You will be grateful you made time for Maso’s extraordinary relationship with language.

These writers comment on and help guide us through the text. I first read this book in the mid-nineties and have read it many times since.

Ava by Carole Maso

Much art and knowledge none of it of her own creation. She is going over her life without resentment, but with loving memories. Beckett in Company connects these two carlle of existential helplessness.

And it is a powerful text.

The kind of prose that makes me happy I am human, that reminds me of the moments in life that are so perfect, yet so ineluctable at the time of experience. Even the horrible memories she somehow makes beautiful: It allows to grapple with the many ways in which narrative can be organized, and it in turn breaks familiar patterns of how we read and understand literature.

So that the form takes as many risks as the content– Chrysanthemums. Feb 16, Stephen P rated it it was amazing Recommended to Stephen by: This is not a celebration of life, beauty, and truth.

Just as women try to wrestle with many things at one timeso does this novel. Aug 20, Fluffy Singler rated it it was amazing Shelves: San Francisco Chronicle Lovely. But the fragments and the staccato bursts of memory and letters, and sensations build over the course of the book to sketch out Ava’s life. She’s a beautiful author I carolee probably never finish this book. She had marriages and affairs with a movie director, a schoolfriend, a Mexican family man, a Czech dissident writer, and many others whose voices and actions come back to her in random order on her deathbed.


AVA’s theme is the poignancy of mortality, the extraordinary desire to live, the inevitability of death—the things never done, never understood, the things never said, or said caole, or said enough.

There is Danilo, her current lover, a Czech novelist, and others, lovers of one carol, as she sings the endless, joyous, erotic carooe cycles of her life, because “Dusk and the moment right before shapes are taken back is erotic.

Yet an open mind is mazo further as the writing unfolds into meaning, message s through the faith of accumulation. What remains of the shards is something mixed up and confusing, but still part of the whole. The words of Rilke, Woolf, Beckett, and Helene Cixous also weave through the former literature professor’s memories.

This text comes the closest to helping me understand Julia Kristeva’s definition of symbiotic in a concrete way. From her hospital bed on this, her last day on earth, she makes one final ecstatic voyage.

Experimental Reading (and Reviewing): ‘Ava’ by Carole Maso

Brian and Jenn have made it their mission this summer to open up their reading lives to the weird, the odd, the carooe, the avant garde, and the totally out-there in the world of fiction. She has had three husbands, and is currently with Danilo, a writer who I don’t think is Danilo Kis. As soon as we open to the first page, we are completely taken into the mind of Ava Klein, a woman maos her death bed.

It is a true feminine text.