Several of them have been published by a great Assamese scholar, Surya Deodhai Assam buranji, with several shorter chronicles. Ahom Buranji.. Assam Buranji.•. Assam Buranji. ••. Assam Buranji.. Assam Buranji.. Asam Buranji (S.M). Assam Buranji.. Asamar Padya Buranji.. Annals of . Results 1 – of Asama burañjī. Assam buranji; or, A history of Assam from the commencement of the Ahom rule to the British occupation of Assam in

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Thursday 12 Juneby F. Assamese sources are more numerous and easier to find. But very few of these Assamese texts have been translated into another language. This is the reson why we try to do that. Since the 17th century, the Tai-Ahom language died out. Experts kept on writing it, priest went on reciting formulas for rituals, but in everyday life the language was dead: Moreover, Ahom families never had a very exclusive behaviour.


Catalog Record: Tungkhungia buranji; or, A history of Assam, | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Mixed marriages were quite welcome, and the chronicles openly describe the fusion process. Therefore, after the 17th century, historical narratives are written in Assamese language and Assamese script.

The older chronicles are translated or adapted into Assamese, and the new chapters are written directly in Assamese. Some of these Assamese chronicles, in full, in parts or in anthologies were published by Bhuyan.

অসম বুৰঞ্জী (Oxom Buranji)

Most of these editions have been printed again and again, thanks to DHAS. Surya Kumar Bhuyan devised his editions for a rather wide Assamese audience.

His purpose was scientific and pedagogical as well, in the line of Indian social workers. This choice had two consequences. He freely chose among important manuscripts, and rarely compared them systematically.

However, he often precisely indicated his sources, as far as it was possible in his time remember he was the first to collect manuscripts and name them ; and he also cleverly summed up the matters.

Assam Buranji Or History Of Assam

The more you study his editions, the more you know about Bruanji at that period, and the more you come to admire S. Images below show S.


Bhuyan rather young, about the time when he wrote his delightful London Memories and the Tungkhungia Buranji, in Assamese on the left, in English on the right – modern editions published by DHAS. Brahmaputra Studies Database Search: Such as Assamese historical literature Assam buranji Kamrupar buranji Report on the work of the DHAS Deodhai Assam buranji, with several shorter chronicles Tungkhungkia buranji Kachari buranji Tripura buranji Most of these editions have been printed again and again, thanks to DHAS.

In the same section 1.

Inscriptions on rock or on copper plates 2. Translation into English of important Assamese historical texts Ahom buranji: