Mar 6, IN Arthur Waley, the foremost British translator of Chinese and Japanese literature, published in England a book called ”Monkey,” an. Monkey: A Folk Novel of China study guide contains a biography of Wu Ch. by Arthur Waley, and may be stylized differently in other versions. It is the story of the roguish Monkey and his encounters with major and minor . ” Monkey” is Arthur Waley’s delightful rendition of Wu Cheng-en’s “Journey to the.

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It is quite episodic so is perfect for just dipping in and out. When charged with these sins, he replies, “It’s all true.

Perhaps there was something lost in translation that would have shown that this was intentional on his part, since he did always seem overeager to split up the loot and gtfo.

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Pig is completely useless and I have no idea why anyone would bring him anywhere. He brings humour and gravitas in equal measure and no one monkeyy disdain like him.

I think I would have found it difficult to read it all. Arthur Waley ‘s abridged translation was published inand has also been published as Adventures of the Monkey God ; and Monkey: The hope is to retrieve sacred scriptures by which the Chinese people may be enlightened so that their behaviour seen as greed, hedonism, promiscuity, and sins may accord with the tenets of Buddhism.

Monkey: The Journey to the West

I did find some for several other classes, and Retrieved 5 February The reason he cannot is, apparently, that Sanzang has to do it, and his mortality makes him burdensome. Philip Freeman Narrated by: Monley I’m not sure about this translation, wasn’t a fan, however, I really enjoyed the story. Page 3 – All Men Are Brothers had more or less attained their present form before the end of the fifteenth century.


Sadly, this translation has practically no characterisation; it is told as a series of events with very little drama or descriptive language. Waley’s translation was also in its turn re-translated into other languages, e. I especially loved the beginning July 12th, Review: I had no idea this was a an actual book, never mind translated and available in Penguin classic format!

The young monk Tripitaka volunteers to undertake the pilgrimage. I was supposed to read this book in college for some Eastern Lit class. The Journey to the West, Volume 1 and just take it on one volume at a time. It Four whole stars. The stranger monket a Sicilian, a victim of the island’s corrupt Roman governor, Verres.

Monkey: Folk Novel of China – Wu Ch’êng-ên – Google Books

Performed by one of the most talented great oratory performers Kenneth Williamswho just brings all the characters to life in only the way he could Highly recommended 6 of 7 people found this review helpful. Daniel Silva Narrated by: Life is also a series of events, some of them make us despair, but there is always a solution, Tripitaka is almost an annoying characterin how he cries at every misfortune on the road, but that is to say we are also whiny and annoying and is to symbolise and recognise the suffering of humanity and the futility of worrying about it.

So, if you want a quick, light, nonsensical, fun read, and you’re the type of person who likes crap kung-fu movies such as Shaolin Prince aka The Iron Fingers of Deathaka The Death Mask of the Ninjaaka Shaolin Death Maskthen you would probably like this book.

Kenneth puts his marvelous caricature acting to great effect his Pigsy is an absolute joy. Copying directly from Wendy – sorry, Wendy, it’s just that it was really interesting: It’s funny, historically interesting and at times very engaging, if somewhat hard to get into. Kyc There are two complete mpnkey of “Journey to the West”.


But that’s just me Then I began The Journey to the West about the famous Monkey King, Sun Wukong, who is a mischievous trouble-maker until he is trapped under a mountain for years, converts to Buddhism, then begins a quest to protect Xuanzang on his way to obtain scriptures fro Because I was going to live and teach in China for a year, I wanted to be informed on classic Chinese literature.

This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat Very interesting if you’re hoping to get closer to the source material, disappointing if you want the fun and drama of good storytelling. This one has an interesting preface and serves to give the reader a summarised version of events encountered by the group of protagonists.

Arthur Waley’s translation is a joy to read, and probably the most readable version of a 16th century story that you’ll ever find. The central irony of the book is that, though it is plotted around a religious pilgrimage, nothing in it is sacred: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Monkey (novel) – Wikipedia

Monkfy returning to Stoker’s original storytelling structure – a series of letters and journal entries voiced by Qrthur Harker, Dr. It is the story of the roguish Monkey and his encounters with major and minor spirits, Monkey – Great Sage and Equal of Heaven. The only way to put his tricks and talents to good use is to make him protector of Xuanzang, a young and handsome monk determined to travel from China to India in search of precious scriptures.

Shih agreed with the other omissions, though, so that’s something.