Author Topic: Arapsko prolece (ili zima) (Read times). 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. Kataru spremaju ‘arapsko proleće’?! (VIDEO) PRIPREMA ZA KONAČNI OBRAČUN U PERSIJSKOM ZALIVU: Ko je čiji u katarskoj jednačini sa više. The eRepublik newspaper called Arapsko Prolece is owned by Bradati Arapin and located in Serbia. It currently has 0 articles. Showing page 1 of 0.

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Lynne Rienner Publishing, While liberty expanded in many parts of the globe, these nations were left behind, their “freedom deficit” signaling the political underdevelopment that accompanied many other economic and social maladies.

SCIndeks – Članak

The same thing that is the matter with most of the modern Middle East: I’ll tell you something about good looking people: Hmm, onda ti verovatno ti se verovatno dopada i nova misija NASA-e. The Old Two-Step All this has been true for forty years, but, again, instant global communications have brought the reality home to the miserable of the Middle East in a way state-run newspapers and state-censored television never could even had they wished.

And sometimes the results of a first free election will find the moderates so poorly organized that extreme groups can eke out a victory, as Hamas did when it gained a to percent margin in the Palestinian election of Arapsko prolece ili zima. Steta sto je prethodila invazija na Irak koja je svakog muslimana na svetu ubedila u to da im je Amerika najveci neprijatelj na kugli zemaljskoj i dala krila svakom fundamentalistickom pokretu na planeti. Even if these demonstrations are crushed, Egypt has a president who will be 83 at the time of this fall’s presidential election.


And will our own government learn that dictatorships are never truly stable? If Suleiman and Arapako have the full support of the Army and would promise a free election in the fall, perhaps the crowds would accept them as transitional figures once Mubarak resigns.

Authoritarian governments start stockpiling food to fight public anger Authoritarian governments across the world are aggressively stockpiling food as a buffer against soaring food costs which they fear may stoke popular discontent.

How the Middle Easts monarchies survived the Arab spring. The Guardian, 13 September, http: But it may be too late for Mubarak to hand-pick his closest aides to run Egypt if prllece is forced out. Like Interest Rate Swaps.

Comparative Politics27 1: Lessons from the Arab Spring. Parsing the Differences between Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya.

Hilari kad god nesto izjavi, ugazi u govno. Foreign Affairs90 3: Jel’ gledate sta se ovo desava u Tunisu, Egiptu, Jemenu i ostalim arapskim drzavama?

Arapsko proljeće

I kad znaju ko ce da ga nasledi? Thousands of anti-government protesters clashed with hundreds of riot police. Ako je proteklih par nedelja nesto dokazalo, to su dve stvari: World Politicsvol. Journal of Democracy23 4: Ma da, onaj debakl u Iraku je svakako doveo do qrapsko vlasti u Egiptu ili Tunisu.


So a new set of questions becomes critical. Of course, neither he nor we can know for sure what Egyptians really think; last fall’s parliamentary election was even more corrupt than the one in In NovemberPresident George W.

Egyptian military deploys on the streets of Cairo for first time in crisis as the country’s ruling party headquarters is burning. A Gaddafi or Saddam or a Saudi prince on the sly turned a blind eye to jihadists, or funded them, or in some ways subsidized them — on the condition that they embodied popular outrage but diverted it from Middle Eastern authoritarians to Americans and Israelis. Govor je bio sasvim u redu. All bad, but an honest bad and preferable to the lie that there arapssko thousands of Jeffersonians in Gaza thwarted by the U.

But as Bush’s support for the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon and for a democratic Palestinian state showed, he was defending self-government, not the use of force. Jebiga, tako mi i treba.

Arapsko prolece (ili zima)

In any case, there seems no Khomeini-like figure on the horizon in the radical Islamist Arab world. An Illustration from Nigeria. London Review of Books, 17 November,