AR 190-56 PDF

maintains that these actions violate Army Regulation (AR) AR states that Army civilian police and security guards will be. AR –56 The Army Civilian Police and Security Guard Program This revision-o o Deletes introduction paragraph (para ). Deletes the requirement for a. AR –56 The Army Civilian Police and Security Guard Program This major revision dated 27 September o Establishes the Provost.

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Login or Sign Up. Previous 1 2 template Next. Ar Just received a copy of the revisedthis is a revision to the arr dated 27 Sept Was just wondering if any one else has seen this version yet? It is only in draft form right now personally I am getting tired of all the changes yes changes needed to be made, but it seems like for the past 4 years 10-56 has been one huge circle with all of this.

(U//FOUO) U.S. Army Regulation 190-56 Civilian Police and Security Guard Program

Just when we get something negotiated out, something new comes along and we are back at the beginning. It could be that the 190-6 of your life is only to sr as a warning to others. I have not seen the new version. Didn’t even know there was one. Is it in PDF format?

I don’t need probable cause to search your vehicle Some of the highlights are: Some of the things in I have not always agreed with, but who am I? It has however kept some smaller installations like mine from hiring a fly-by-night minimum wage paying security company to protect their Installations.

I have seen some guards at military bases that I wonder how they keep their job because of being Maybe the PAT standards will force the select few who fall into that catagory to get with the program. That being said, I have seen many, many more soldiers on the obese side.

I can’t for the life of me understand how they can still remain in. They say it’s gone, but I think the good ole boy system in still thriving, and are hiding, protecting, inputting wrong information or flat out ignoring soldiers who 19056 not even come close to meeting AR 190-65. Originally posted by Bearcat View Post.


Q&a | – Leader Development for Army Professionals

Could this mean they will have their own version of the flag, weight control program and things of that nature? Just like Big Army to put out a policy, then say stand by to stand by on dealing with it. I am definately not a person 1990-56 wants anyone to lose their job unless they do something to deserve it, but for those of us who work their butts off to keep and maintain the standard, it is almost a slap in the face to watch others do as they please due to being lazy or don’t care and knowing nothing will be done about it.

Either that or I am just too set in my ways when it comes to certain standards having to be met. To me ag only thing this regulation accomplishes is to make it easier for a DA civilian to lose their job and a contractor to replace them.

You are right, we do need 1905-6 standards. I saw this one guy bend over on the pistol range and split his BDU pants from calf to the other calf, due to his obesity.

I almost cried laughing. But the reality of it, is that he is a liability on the road. If you run 24 minutes for 1. Now we are changing the PT standards, and the guys who failed it last time, still continue to stay on the departments. What are we doing here? Just my 2 cents, I active army, but my uncle told me that an officer in his department was killed because he was overweight and didnt look professional to the guy that killed him.

The guy apparently checked out LEO’s in front of a store that was frequesnted and would walk past them and look at their build, uniform, etc and he picked the overweight guy and whacked him. His reasoning was he was the least professional of them all. Thats something to think about, regular people will look at LEO’s and expect a degree of proffessionalism, ie uniform appearence, weight, etc and they make their own minds up Want to start a website?


I run Host Lonestar. Texas Discussion blog about texas I realy do not care what some ones weight is and if there belly hangs out a bit, so long as zr can perform the job that is all that matters to me.

This would be like the Light House for the Blind hiring some one who is blind then telling them sorry have to let you go, you can not read the signs on the wall, every organization under the sun would be screaming foul over that. DA Police do not get any kind of LE pay, no hazardous duty pay, just the regular old GS what ever pay, the same as any other GS worker, yet the standard is way higher.

No one will argue that a DA Fire fighter has a strenuous job, with many hazards that require a level of fitness, same with the EMS workers, yet none of them are required to perform any type of PAT. If there must be a PAT then it needs to reflect for age, and the disabilities that officers have that got them the job in the first place.

The regulation over all sucks, it is not just about a PAT, which is only one small part of the whole picture, but more about the very core of the job preformed. And sure I could go some where else and get a job, but I love doing the job that I do and continuing the service to the Army that I started years ago when I enlisted, which is more then likely the same reason that many of the Officers do what they do.

A posted by B 63 View Post. Most users ever online 190-5 19, at