Practical Common Lisp [Peter Seibel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying He is the author of Practical Common LISP from Apress. Read more . Practical Common Lisp is the long-awaited book that will help you For information on translations, please contact Apress directly at Apress Berkely, CA, USA © This is the first book that introduces Lisp as a language for the real world. Practical Common Lisp presents a thorough introduction to Common Lisp, providing you with an overall understanding of the .

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In comparison clojure is designed perfectly including basic structures, concurrency support and standard library and common lisp community virtually does not exist if you comparing volume of things happening in clojure world. Refresh and try again. Seibel does an excellent job at showing practical uses for the language. Once I’ve worked with a dead tree book for a while I can often comjon to near the page I need, and from there quickly find the correct page.

In about 20 lines. This time I decided I won’t give up, and am quite happy I finally finished it. HTML format which I greatly prefer.

Practical Common LISP by Peter Seibel

However don’t overlook the advantages of a hardcopy. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Doing Every software developer evolves during his career and that can be done by several ways, which are not really conflicting but it’s possible to get better with any of them not all.


Only for those who believe knowledge is something that has to be paid for. However, there are a few things it misses that a web-oriented hacker would want, things like database interaction and web serving. Taylor rated it really liked it Apr 20, Maybe get it printed on heavy olde off-white paper, with a classic cloth hardcover, gilded fore-edges, and a built-in tassled bookmark.

This page, and the pages it links to, contain text of the Common Lisp book Practical Common Lisp published by Apress These pages now contain the final text as it appears in the book. Personally, I like buying dead tree versions, not prractical because they’re easier to read than digital copies, and not only because of the nice binding you get instead of having a giant pile of pages in a 3-ring binder if apresss printer punches holesbut also because I just like to support the publisher so they can continue publishing good books and paying authors to write them.

Feb 18, Noah Sussman marked it as to-read Shelves: Generally speaking, I prefer scheme’s syntax than common lisp’s. Want to Read saving…. These pages will remain online in perpetuity—I hope they will serve as a useful introduction to Common Lisp for folks who are curious about Lisp but maybe not yet cokmon enough to shell out big bucks for a dead-tree book.

Oct 09, Scott King rated it it was amazing Shelves: If you find errors in these pages, please send email to book gigamonkeys. Like what you’ve read? Hiro rated it liked it Apr 08, Everyone has taken a LISP course one in their lives? This is the first book that introduces Lisp as a language for the real world. Apr 16, Kyle The Hacker rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Even if you haven’t done, and don’t plan to do, any lisping, you should definitely read this book.


A preparation for reading PG’s On Lisp.

Practical Common Lisp

This book made me a better programmer, and is leading me into exploring more of Clojure, the Even if you haven’t done, and don’t plan to do, any lisping, you should definitely read this book.

Thanks to the high demand Apress has decided to do a 2nd printing. Lambdaphagy rated it liked it Sep 08, Dead trees don’t take up precious monitor space This is particularly an issue when I’m on a laptop, but even dual monitor desktop systems can suffer the lack of space problem.

I certainly didn’t feel like this book went overlong, as many tutorials so. Also Apress is one of those publishers where you just have to go out and buy the book once you’ve read a even a few chapters of the free text.

Both can select text. Apress took a chance, publishing this book when other publishers thought practixal was no market for a Lisp book.