(3) Basic manual operation of the receiver. copied or transferred by any means without the prior written consent of AOR Ltd. AOR and the AOR logo are. Aor AR Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Aor AR Manual, Operating Manual. View and Download AOR AR manual online. AR Receiver pdf manual download.

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Vfo Search Voice Squelch Environment Defining Vfo Search SectionDeleting search banks A delete menu is provided so that you can delete program search data of course you may simply over-write the data too and frequency pass channels. Deleting All Select Scan Channels Automatic Mabual Of Step Adjust Scan Free This is useful if you wish to gain a snap shot of activity without the AR being tied to a busy frequency for long periods of time such as when monitoring active amateur band repeaters etc.

AOR AR8200 Manuals

How To Clone Data How to clone data Ensure that amnual RS baud rate is set to the same speed for both radios and that the address is set to 00 on both units refer to section of this manual for information on the CONFIG menu settings. Other Trouble Shooting Suggestions Table Of Contents Internal batteries Vfo Enhanced Facilities Summary Of Keys Look for the required character in the table then PUSH the key shown to the horizontal-left followed by key shown above the required character do not push both keys together.

Em All-mem Save And Load Page 77 Page 78 – Programming a search bank Page 79 Page 80 – Locking out unwanted active frequencies Be careful to keep dust and dirt from this socket and to prevent liquid entering the AR via this socket.


Dynamic Memory Bank Resizing Table of contents Manuap Of Contents Summary Of Keys Section Summary of keys The main keypad is located on the front cabinet of the AR with other keys located on the left hand side. The AR charging circuit is not designed to recharge dry cells or NiMHi batteries, if these are to be recharged, they must be removed from the AR and charged in a specialist external charger following the manufacturers recommendations.

Archive | Support | AOR U.S.A., INC. Authority On Radio Communications

Page of Go. The EM enables the whole 1, memory channels in 20 banks and 40 program search banks to be backed up to the EM Vfo Scan Sampling Time Em All-srch Save And Load bank you wish to save using the keys 0, 1, 2 or 3.

Don’t have an account? Memory Channel Write Protect Setting Frequency Span Width waveform Enlargement Changing Priority Channel Data Entering New Frequency Offset Data Delete Memory Channel Pass By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

AOR AR8200 Manual

There are three a8200 for opening message: Deleting Memory Channels Section,Deleting memory channels Although it is possible to over-write memory channels with new data, edit memory channels, swap, copy, move and to PASS skip them, there will be occasions when you mqnual to delete memory channels completely.

Search Bank Link Deleting Single Memory Channels You must remove write protect from the SAVE memory location before you can copy new data to that location. Search Free This is useful if you wish to gain a snap shot of activity without the AR being tied to a busy frequency for long periods of time such as when monitoring active amateur band repeaters etc.

Write Protect During Memory Input Starting To Scan Vfo Auto Store Environment When the number reaches zero the copy process will have completed, both radios will revert to standard displays. Em All-data Save And Load SectionLocking out unwanted active frequencies PASS It is possible to lock out PASS unwanted frequencies while in program search mode, this is useful to eliminate unwanted permanent transmissions.


Centre frequency is displayed and a marker may be manipulated to ascertain the frequency of activity using the graphical display. Enter text from picture: You janual delete search banks which have been write protected. Use the main dial to increment value by 1s or use the keys to increment by 5s. Vfo Search Delay Environment Section Numeric figure nine during frequency input.

You may wish to leave certain items selected if they are not affecting current operation in order to minimise reprogramming when slot cards are inter-changed at a later time.

Trouble Shooting Check to see if the problem has cleared. VFO search even though the frequency is still active. If dry cells are used Alkaline, Zinc, Manganese make sure they are removed if external power is connected to the AR If the squelch opens again before auto switch off time has elapsed, the radio will not power down and the counter will be reset i.

AUTO-MODE where the receiver mode and tuning step are automatically selected by the AR microprocessor from the pre-programmed band plan data this is a short cut to save using the receive mode menu. Additional Search Facilities SectionIf you wish to add more select scan channels once to move upward to the new end of the list and repeat the process.