Manuals and User Guides for ANSMANN Virus We have 2 ANSMANN Virus manuals available for free PDF download: Instruction Manual. Ansmann Virus , ☆ 1/8 Scale Nitro Buggy ☆ Radio Controlled (RC) Our basic instructions will help you set-up and fine tune the Nitro Engine for your Virus. Please check the smoke detector manual. In our opinion, almost every smoke detector will work with NiMH batteries, but please note: smoke detectors are.

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Some countries have several different plug systems. I hope this article has been helpful. Therefore, you should replace them all with shielded ball bearings. The chassis should dip slightly below then back up again to the pre-set ride height, in one smooth movement.

Ansmann Racing Manuals | CompetitionX

In our opinion, almost every smoke detector will work with NiMH ansmahn, but please note: If the body shell of your Ansmann Virus 2 is broken, ripped or damaged in any way, this can be easily repaired with rubber solution glue.

The output voltage of the universal power supply should be the same as the input voltage of the end device. Posted January 13, Would it be best with a craft knife of lexan scissors?

Ride Height – Find the optimum setting. Alkaline batteries are normally around 1. So, these hyper 7 instructions are near on exactly the same! Virjs should be adjusted as described above to keep the car static damping in balance. The virus 2 appears to be a very similar setup to the first one but the hyper 7 also looks similar with better instructions so will give that a go. I will try to follow virus 2 and go from there, thanks for your ansmannn


How does the Zero Watt technology work? When you get to the race track, the first thing you check is the track temperature. Static Damping is nanual amount of resistance you sense when slowly pulling or pushing the viruz rod in and out of the damper. This is an ongoing project, with new and “lost in time” RC Model Brands being added as they are found and although most of those listed above have been covered in relative detail, some are still being researched and will be completed in the near future.

Ansmann Nitro Virus 2.0 Radio Controlled Car

If this is beneficial is debatable, but those I talked to said it does improve grip when cornering. This said, I will give these other instructions a go first.

Servos – Types and Advice. Failing that, I will pop into my local model shop In all honesty they are crap! The manual manua the Ansmann kryptonite wasnt particularly brilliant either lol in fact it seemed to skip parts entirely! Cutting shells sounds like a trip over to YouTube to me lol Was the fuel opened?

Ansmann Virus • (Radio Controlled Model Archive) • RCScrapyard.

They don’t actually show you what to do! Bearings – Professional Tips to make them work for you.

I will put these on my list for when Vrus get paid, along with a few more upgrades for my lunchbox. After your basic setup, you then need to test your car on the track.

Frequently Asked Questions – All FAQs

If you intend to race your Virus 2 Buggy model at a competitive level, I would also recommend you obtain and fit titanium pivot shafts, turnbuckles, tie rods and steering rods. If the battery is okay the device switches automatically to charging red light. Is there a knack to cutting the shell neatly? Radio – Choice and avoid Problems. I recently picked up a nitro truggy to use as a donor car for when my brushless truggy needs parts – thing is, its in good condition so I thought I’d get it up and running first – needs a few bits etc but the bloody linkages Once I have manhal on there, I will move on to this.


The high power requirements of cameras and the sometimes difficult conditions such as extreme cold or heat were taken into account. Therefore different battery types with different capacities and states of charge can amnual charged at the same time.

Once the right tire and insert combination is found, only then I would try other settings to improve the cars handling. Sign In or Sign Up.

During the first minutes the battery is analyzed and then, if needed, the refresh program starts automatically. It was purchased to fill my time with being out of work OP as opposed to dole!! Larger holes, less static damping, smaller holes more static damping.

How much of the kit have you got left to build? Tires – for Buggys, Trucks and Truggys.