I just purchased a copy of this page booklet off of Ebay. It’s called ” Annemann’s Mental Bargain Effects.” This book is hard to get ahold of. M.I.M.C. (LONDON) v/ The State Library of Victoria “ALMA CONJURING COLLECTION” An nemann’s Mental Bargain Effects ANNEMANN’S DIABOLO PELLET. Author: Annemann, Theodore. – Pages: 16 p.: ill. ; 23 cm. – Publication: [New York: Annemann, ?] – Description: Cover title. Alma bequest. Magic tricks.

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Have a few matches on table for convenience of sitter. Fold one of the papers into a small size that will slip into thumb lip and place where you am get same when ready. Fold other pellet the same way and then unfold for the siller. Lay this on table with envelope and pencil. Have pad in right outside coal pocket, writing side of pad against body. Ask sitter to examine the envelope, which he does and places back on table.

Tell him to write his question and sign on the small slip and refold it lightly so nothing can he read. While he does this you have stepped away and secured thumb tip on right thumb, dummy pellet inside and UNDER the ball of the thumb. As sitter is folding pellet, you return to table, and, picking up the envelope in left hand, flap side towards you, insert right thumb into it, appar- ently to open same but really leaving the thumb tip inside and held there, mouth up, by the left thumb and lingers on the outside of envelope.

At the same time when you remove right thumb after apparently opening envelope, as your thumb comes out of tip, jt drags with it the dummy pellet and this drops into envelope.

This is all one continuous move as will be seen. Your right hand immedi- ately comes out and picks up the folded pellet from table, openly places it in envelope, or can drop same in, but it is really dropped into the thumb tip and right thumb immediately follows it into the tip.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Annemann’s Mental Bargain Effects

You wet the llap and then as an afterthought hand the envelope to sitter with a request for him to seal it himself. Hand it to him with right hand, lingers on top and thumb underneath, and as he takes it, your hand comes away with thumb hidden under hand. The sitter will probably glance into envelope and he sees pellet and seals.

The wet flap will make him seal envelope without much examining at this point. Ask him to light a match and to burn envelope and pellet.

Your right hand with tip goes into right pocket between pad and body, and pushing off tip removes pellet and unfolds it. Now pull pad out of pocket with pellet unfolded and open against it, and picking up pencil you concentrate and jot something down on pad.

Read what you have written which can be anything but the correct answer and ask if that applies to his question.

His pellet is now crumpled up in sheet and in your pocket and as you read his question while apparently writing the first time on pad, this time you can write the correct answer and give him pad to examine if he wishes as all evidence is now out of the way. This is absolutely fool proof and indclcctablc if you practice a few times before a mirror to make your moves smooth and regular as they all blend together. The answering of questions has become passe, and after the first two or three it becomes quite borcsomc.

Do not pass this over because it is on one sheet. Envelopes and cards are passed out. Rlank cards are used of a size to go into envelopes easily. We shall use for exam- ple, leu envelopes and cards. One envelope is cut on bottom as in Fig. This is placed at bottom of the pile of envelopes on top of which are the cards. Cards are passed out first, and, on the way back, the envelopes passed out up to the last.

You hold envelope in left hand near bottom, take their face down card and push it into envelope which you seal.


The card is shorter and cannot come out of the bottom. Nothing wrong can he seen. As you openly do this, you are telling the rest lo do the same thing and it all appears as if you were just explaining the process. The fake envelope is on top with bottom edge towards right and as you walk hack to front your right forelinger and thumb merely reach in, pull card out and lay on top of the slack writing towards you.

You now face audience with stack in left hand. Willi right, take an envelope from bottom of stack side towards audience and hold to your forehead. As the envelope masks your eyes, you can look down and read the card perfectly as you apparently tell the contents of envelope on head. It is a good idea to have them sign their cards so you can first call them by name and then give their thought.

Annemann’s mental bargain effects.

Stating that you will see how close you have come, the envelope is stuck under left thumb on top of packet nearest you a bit and right picks up pair of small scissors and clips oil” end of envelope.

The right thumb and forefinger enter and quickly with- draw card, hold same with writing towards you and envelope is grasped between the first and second lingers. The performer now apparently reads what is on card but really reads what is on the card on the stack.

As this is done, the right band approaches the slack a little, the. At the same instant, the right thumb and forefinger releases their card, and draw away the actual first card instead, leaving the one just removed from the envel- ope on lop of the stack. From the view of the audience, a scaled envelope has been held to the head, contents read, the card verified and handed directly hack.

Taking the next bottom envelope, the process is repented and this is continued until at the last one, you have the original slit envel- ope with a card on hack. The card is palled oat and the illusion is perfect. Previous methods required a planted question, they could not be returned as read, and you needed an extra dummy blank question for the last one. Each one of these faults has been eliminated entirely. Reforehand, on the upper left corner of one card, write the figure 1, and then diagonally across card write the name or message desired.

Place the two cards together with the writing on the underside of lop card and the numbered end nearest your body. With spectator in front of you, you arc ready. Mention the two cards in hand, carelessly showing top and bot- tom of the two together and spreading them apart so top of lower card is seen.

Mental Bargain Effects

Ask party to hold out his hand, and very deliberately deal them onto his hand singly and remark that only two are used and not three as some think. Pick them ofl’ hand and lay on your open left hand and writing is now on the bottom card against your hand with numbered end nearest voar body. Staling that you will number each side, take pencil in right hand and openly mark a figure 1 in upper left corner of top card.

Make sure he sees full surface of top card numbered t. Now lift left hand up towards you so lie can- not see face of lop card and make this move apparently bringing another surface up. With left thumb slide top card a little to right as in dealing. Take hold of upper right corner of this card with right thumb underneath and forefinger above. Now turn this top card outward as if opening a note book until thumb comes to top and forefinger is underneath, then, still holding card, bring same down behind the other card, not letting go until card is down entirely behind the other.

The writing is now on underside of the lop card and the figure you just wrote on the underside of the lower card. Practice this move as it is very simple and natural in making. A clean surface is now on top, and still holding left hand up, remark that this will be side No. Write the figure 2 in upper left corner and then lower hand and show the full surface of card bearing figure 2. Once more raise your hand and make exactly the same move as before, turning top card outwards and bringing it down behind other.


A new surface will lie before you on which you mark figure 15 and then lower hand so that all may he seen fair. To the spec- tator, the move appears the same as always. This brings hack to the front the side you marked with the fig- ure 1.

Drop your hand and show this side perfectly blank numbered. Repeal that you have shown and numbered all four sides and hand cards to spectator to hold.

I contend that this is as direct an exhibition of apparent thought reading as can be presented, that is, outside of a GENUINE demon- stration, which at present is impossible. First soak a playing card in cold water for about twenty minutes, If the card is soft you can now peel or split the card in two.

Now use the back part of he card and thoroughly dry between two blot- ters first, then place between the leaves of a heavy book. Now take any card case. I use a Rider Back Bicycle pattern case and with a ra- zor blade I cut out the de- sign on the back of case as in Fig. Now paste this card over the cut out of the card case and again allow to dry.

If not right use an electric iron that is just hot to iron even so Unit case looks like any other card case. Have a two spot on the face of the pack, or you may lightly paste a dull finish piece of paper over the face of a card.

Pack is now inserted in its case, the face side against prepared side of the box. Tin’s is the entire preparation, outside of annemann a piece of paper and a short pencil.

The pencil should be of hard lead and not longer than three inches. These two principles combined make a person bear much heavier in writing. A spectator generally it prominent party of your gathering is asked forward. The performer explains that he is about to attempt something which heretofore has been considered impossible.

Tl playing cards and to change around as often as he wishes until sat- isfied. When the spectator acknowledges this latter point, the per- former picks up the paper and pencil and explains that because of the fact that the spectator has changed his thoughts several times, he bzrgain better write the name of edfects thought mentl card on the gargain and then fold same and put in his own pocket.

No one is to see it and the real reason for same is to prevent further changes and to protect performer. It is remarked that a catastrophe would certainly result if the spectator were to again change his mind at the last moment. As bargaij afterthought, the deck is picked up, the paper placed on same and all handed spectator. The performer turns his back while the writing is done. When the paper has been placed in pocket, the performer takes the pencil and deck, telling the spectator to merely keep thinking of the card intently.

Opening the case, the deck is removed, facing performer always, and the case dropped into pocket or on table as desired. The pack is fanned and performer looks through same, finally removing a card which lie places face down on the spectator’s outstretched hand. Walking away the performer requests the spectator to name his card for the. Of course, it is obvious that when the pack was removed, the face card sffects the exact impression of what the spectator wrote and therefore in the most simple and natural manner possible, the msntal former learned the name of the correct card lo locate and proceed with.

The lack of cumbersome material or apparatus, the cleanness of the working, and the general effect of this trick make it one of the most perfect of its kind ever conceived. The performer selects a spectator to aid him.