On 29 February , Francie Crebs (FC) met with renowned Tantra scholar André Padoux (AP) in his Paris apartment. Over tea, they discussed his long career. This accessible volume on Tantra written by a widely esteemed doyen of the field of Tantric studies offers a concise, readable overview of a. Andre Padoux opens by detailing the history of Tantra, beginning with its origins, founding texts, and major beliefs. The second part of the book delves more.

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Milani Mudannayake rated it it was amazing Sep 20, Keshia marked it as to-read Jan 04, Catherine Karnitis added it Apr 17, But also that to understand these texts, study them, one had to know Sanskrit.

Race, Melancholy, and the Agony of Progress. But it all ended well and I received the highest honors. Now there are participants who speak many different languages, but they all write in English.

Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. Vivek rated it really liked it Jul 02, The last two chapters explain the powers of mantras as sacred ritual utterances. That went on for a while, at least up until I retired.

André Padoux

I told her I had been particularly interested in contemporary French poetry, and also indicated what I had seen or read in linguistics, semiotics, etc. The Broken World of Sacrifice J. I stayed in touch with them. I really enjoyed the meetings because they gave me an overview pwdoux French Orientalist research. I had no reason to take an interest in India or turn towards India. How to Think Like an Anthropologist.


Is it through these Kashmir Shaivism texts that you became aandre in Tantras? He took me to his ashram in South Fallsburg, in the hills above New York. I have never laughed as much as I did that night; Jean-Luc and I literally rolled around on the ground laughing because we had mispronounced a word or something like that.

Interview with André Padoux – ceias-newsletter

James Tristan marked it as to-read Dec 13, It is therefore a different work, and we are negotiating with Chicago University Press, who has sent us their copy-edited version of the text, which seems quite faithful to the original. Padoux first describes the Vedic origins of these notions, then their development in texts of different tantric traditions.

Could you tell us about the project you began to create a dictionary of technical Tantra terminology, which is hosted by the Austrian Science Academy in Vienna?

At first there was an Italian, Raffaelle Torellabut Italian is not one of the languages of the Dictionaryso his entries had to be translated into French.

The Hindu Tantric World

Speaking of reading and knowledge, do we really know the full nature of even the first letter of the alphabet? Claudette Evans is currently reading it Feb 17, This book will padoxu important for me because, in a sense, it sums up everything I have done, said or written on the subject throughout my professional career.


Padoux first describes the Vedic origins of these notions, then their development in texts of different tantric This book is about the power of the Word conceived as the main and most effective aspect of divine energy.

Brooke Gilley padooux it as to-read Jan 05, Being pure energy of consciousness, on the transcendent plane of the Word, it is no doubt beyond all manifestation.

It is the only systematic study in English of notions concerning the Word Vac as these are expounded in the shaiva tantras of Kashmir and in related texts. For those that have want to understand the intricate underpinnings of Tantra and for the seeker looking for a clear survey of a tradition that at times sndre been shrouded in mystery and misrepresentation, this book is a valued resource.

It is the root thereof, the initial stir of sound-vibration beyond struck and unstruck sound. New Delhi, january Andy Burkholder marked it as to-read Sep 25,