AMBER Diceless Role-Playing is a system set in, and designed around Roger Zelazny’s Amber universe. It features a unique (for its time) diceless resolution. Amber – Designed by Erick WujcikBased on Roger Zelazny’s AMBER A Complete new role-playing system! Three complete adventures. Called Amber Diceless Roleplaying, it cast the player characters as the sons and daughters of an immortal, immensely powerful family, who.

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Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game – Wikipedia

role-playnig Retrieved from ” https: That’s the diceless part — thanks for showing up. Your ad here, right now: Retrieved from ” https: The Chronicles of Amber.

If you ever get into a game, expect many houserules. Amber Diceless Roleplaying is considered the granddaddy of diceless RPGs, even if it wasn’t the first, and even if the mechanics were never re-used again.

For example, if two characters are wrestling the relevant attribute is Strength; a character could reveal a weapon, changing it to Warfare; they could try to overcome the other character’s mind dicelesa a power, changing it to Psyche; or they could concentrate their strength on defense, changing it to Endurance. The dicelexs with 1st rank in each attribute is considered “superior” in that attribute, being considered to be substantially better than the character with 2nd rank even if the difference in scores is small.

The auction serves to introduce some unpredictability into character creation without the need to resort to dice, cards, or other randomizing devices.

Close ranks result in longer contests while greater difference between ranks result in fast resolution. It’s all based on Roger Zelazny’s “Chronicles of Amber,” where everyone is immortal and have reality-hoppng solipsist powers like the Post Bros.

The expansion, Shadow Knightadds Constructs — artifacts with connections to shadows. In a hotly contested auction, such as for the important attribute of warfare, the most valuable skill is the ability to force one’s opponents to back down. A third option is to have the players portray Corwin ‘s children, in an Amber-like city built around Corwin’s pattern; this is sometimes called an ” Argent ” game, since one of Corwin’s heraldic colours is Silver.


The only ways around it are to put enemies at a disadvantage so they aren’t at full strength, or to try to turn it into a contest of another stat instead.

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Since they have paid points for the items, they are a part of the character’s legend, and cannot lightly be destroyed.

Things I learnt from Amber Diceless Roleplaying – Merric’s Musings

In MaySiceless Publishing secured a license from Diceless by Design to use the rules system with a new setting in the creation of a new product to be written by industry and system role-plsying Jason Durall. If you’re dealing with one of the older NPC Amberites, like the characters from the actual novels, you can pretty much assume they are better than you at everything.

Every one in the Amber family is a surgeon by this method because it’s too useful. The original page game book [3] was published in by Phage Presscovering material from the first five novels the ” Corwin Cycle ” and some details — sorcery and the Logrus — from the remaining five novels the ” Merlin Cycle “in order to allow players to roleplay characters from the Courts of Chaos.

Some details were changed slightly to allow more player choice — role-lpaying example, players can be full Trump Artists without having walked the Pattern or the Logrus, ambdr Merlin says is impossible; and players’ psychic abilities are far greater than those shown in the books. Amber DRPG advises gamemasters to change rules as they see fit — even to the point of adding or removing powers or attributes.

Amber was a great game to role-play in.


The initial bidding helped set up the rivalries between the characters. When I was at university — so many years ago — a game was released based on the works of Roger Zelazny. The Amber family makes Eldrad and Creed look like amateurs because those guys have only had a single lifetime to learn how to be total dicks.

Character Creation [ edit ] Characters have four stats: Going through each stat, the players bid points to auction who will be the best in that category.

Things I learnt from Amber Diceless Roleplaying

It often devolves to one-on-one, or at least has a very limited participation rate. The character who bids the most for an attribute is “ranked” first and is considered superior to all other characters in that attribute. This is likely due to three scenes in the Chronicles: Shadow Knight does address this inconsistency somewhat, by presenting the “living trump” abilities as somewhat limited.

The Chronicles of Amber Fantasy role-playing games Universal role-playing games Role-playing games based on novels American role-playing games Role-playing games introduced in In that, the characters were vying for the throne of Amber.

Namely, they only work if the players are good at generating plots themselves. Most GMs running the system don’t do that kind of thing, but The first book assumes that gamemasters will set their campaigns after the Patternfall war; that is, after the end of the fifth book in the series, The Courts of Chaosbut uses material from the following books to describe those parts of Zelazny’s cosmology that were featured there in more detail.

Of course, these things can be changed and adapted when the campaign starts, but at least have a starting point.