Sebold’s disappointing second novel (after much-lauded The Lovely Bones) opens with the narrator’s statement that she has killed her mother. In the opening of Alice Sebold’s new novel, a daughter makes a violent choice. This is the problem with Alice Sebold’s new novel, “The Almost Moon.” The book starts with the narrator, Helen, killing her elderly mother, Mrs.

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But, as more of Helen’s story is told, one sees how damaged she was by a childhood in yhe her parents’ demons injured her. We have Electra, of course, but the myth and the plays, while leaving us with moments and phrases that one could reflect on forever, combine her motivations with the male ones of her brother Orestes: And why did she do it?

Someone you’ve had an adult role alide raising since birth.

Disturbed, genetic criminal, if we put it bluntly. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [In the end, did Helen kill herself alicf all? Cutting off the mother comes more easily, that is, than accepting that bond and understanding it and getting the nightmare to yield interest. I’m not even talking big success stories like The Persuit of Happyness. Goodreads post 3 1 4 Apr 21, That opening line promised more than the next sixty or seventy pages delivered.

The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. But when I spent 4 hours on a plane learning how to do Sodoku just so I wouldn’t have to read one more heinous word of this novel, I knew that I was going to have to throw in the towel and say some terrible things about Sebold’s latest effort. I do confess the novel was slow engaging me, even after the surprising opening line and chapter. Or maybe it is, but reading the reviews took away much of the pleasure of mon for myself how terrible the book sebolx is.


The Almost Moon

View all 5 comments. The unhealthy bond between Helen and her mother Clair is evident when a young Helen eats a whole cookie sheet of candy Clair has made. It is utterly a female story, the kind that can only be told by a female author, but told in a way so that I as a male reader can get it too; I love such novels, as I’ve mentioned here before, and am always glad to come tbe another one like I have this thw.

Figlia della sua stessa figlia. So much in life is about almosts, not quites. View all 7 comments. However, Almost Moon sounded so bad that I just had to find out how bad it is for myself.

This article first appeared in the La Repubblica, November The novel received mixed reviews from literary alkce. Dementia, as it descends, has a way of revealing the core of the person affected by it.

Wonder if others picked up on what did. Sebols Guinn I would say that Sebold did connect all the details, but she did it in such a way–especially thinking of the constant movement from present to …more I would say that Sebold did connect all the details, but she did it in such a way–especially thinking of the constant movement ailce present to past–that the reader had to stay focused on the narrative.

Goodreads Submission 1 1 3 Mar 31, Most of the ratings and reviews are high.

Elena Ferrante on Alice Sebold’s new novel, The Almost Moon

Oh, she saw the one therapist once, who was apparently just as nuts as she was, and talked about her hostility towards almoet “probing. What does an author write after that? Oct 31, Leanna rated it it was ok.


I enjoyed this novel, though not as much as Sebold’s ‘The Lovely Bones’. I got the impression that she changed her mind, but I’m not sure.

As I adapted to the balance of holding her full weight, I could not help but think of my father, how year after year he carried the burden of her, apologized to the neightbors, dried her copious tears, and how this body had folded into his over and over again like so much batter until the two of them became one.

Then her having sex with her best friend’s son was even more hard to stomach than her ghe her mother. Lurid action is easier to come up with than the subtleties of everyday family chafing you find in works such as Death of a Salesman or A Long Day’s Journey Into Night, not that those don’t have their drug addiction and adultery.

While some lauded the story for its unflinching portrayal of violence and mental illnessothers found it messy and unconvincing. Since Alice Sebold has done this so skillfully, why ruin her work by summarizing the plot? This main character, Helen, is a borderline sociopath, and it was hard to relate to her, alic feel any sympathy for her.