Ākāśagarbha, the Bodhisattva “Essence of Space” The sūtra is widely known in the Tibetan Buddhist community, at least by name. This. Akasagarbha Sutra – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. tibet. The Akasagarbha Sutra states: ”If a person seeks wisdom, the love and respect of all, a wonderful singing voice, the position of King or Emperor or high ranking.

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A general term for the practice of meditative absorption aimed at developing profound states of concentration. In the presence of others, he will teach in the form of a brahmin, and in the presence of yet others he may manifest in any other form, including the form of a girl, and cause the beginner bodhisattvas to disclose their root transgressions just as they occurred. Thus did I hear at one time.

Thus, in the presence of some, he will manifest in an ordinary form and teach the Dharma. The grass, woods, leaves, flowers, fruit, and everything on the groundtoo, emitted scintillating akaszgarbha of five qualities, even more beautiful than divine music, from which words of praise emerged. A measure of distance corresponding to one calling-distance. Uitgave van de Koninklijke Akademie van Wetenschappen te Amsterdam, Visualize that the jeweled sword of Akasagarbha emits a white blazing light.

For those sentient beings who receive donations, he transforms into a container; for bodhisattvas, into a chariot. Due to karmic obstacles carried over from akasagarbna lifetimes, their wisdom never deepens nor becomes full resulting in difficulties in cultivation.

While there is some hope with the translation work being done over the next years or so, the project Translating the words of the Buddha. Anyone who does rely upon such a person is definitely unwise.


A person belonging to the highly respected priestly caste of classical Indian society. Rouse London ; Delhi, Cf. For a translation of the relevant passages see Bendall and Rousep 61ff. He also showed a great display of meditative concentration.

He establishes those sentient beings in the higher realms and in the state of liberation. Should meditate on that which is inexpressible. To some he teaches in the form of a monastic with the appropriate zutra and conduct, [F. Having understood these Dharmas, these beings will reach the higher realms. Destroying a village, a district, or a town constitutes the second root transgression. Or he will employ such methods as using words in a similar way. He shows the way, reveals and cleanses all negative actions and all sutrx.

Ākāśagarbha – Wikipedia

But as a foreigner, you can also be trained to read classical texts. If this is the case, is this not really the fault of the translators?

The fingers of both hands are interlaced outwards. This term has at least two distinct meanings in this text alone: I’ll see if I can find anything at the Library of Congress. They disclose the transgressions, give them up, and reject them. With all of the resources at our disposal, we have tried our best to understand and translate those lines; but the clarity we have aimed for in the resultant English verses does not reflect the ambiguous nature of the Tibetan text, cryptic in many places.

A Compendium of Buddhist Doctrine. A heavy transgression has occurred.

Akashagarbha Sutra

The thumbs are then placed side by side against each other. Essential for the purification of the mind, it forms the third part of the akasagwrbha practice Tib. Even if all sentient beings had become pratyekabuddhas, who dwell alone like the rhinoceros, none of sufra would understand the field of experience of a single bodhisattva who has attained acceptance that phenomena are non-arising, nor his liberation, his analysis of ultimate reality, or his practice of bringing sentient beings to complete spiritual maturity.


He put his heart into it sufra actually recited the mantra 3, to 5, times a day until he had recited it one million times. One should never expect to be able to pick up a sutra in English, for example, and immediately understand what it means.

akasagarvha They declare pure Dharma to be non-Dharma, and refer to that which is non-Dharma as Dharma, thus abandoning the true Dharma. Tharchin, Tenzin and Elisabeth Lindmayer. He is like a supreme victory banner among all bodhisattvas.

Akashagarbha Sutra ? – Dharma Wheel

Are practitioners, Western, Tibetan, Chinese and whatever alike, inescapably secluded from these teaching short of learning the lirturgical language? To some he teaches in the form of a monastic with the appropriate attire and conduct, displaying to others a variety of forms, from that of a brahmin with the proper attire and conduct to the semblance sutrw conduct of an animal.

The Chinese version of this text differs significantly from the Tibetan translation found in the Kangyur. And you will be liberated from all suffering. The terms in the text are skad cig Skt. D reads rig pa mindP reads reg pa touch.