If you are a T.I.M.E. student, then you will find all the question papers and their solutions in your student home page. Your T.I.M.E. center will also provide you. Thanks for the A2A. Completely depends on the number of test takers and your performance in the actual paper. You can’t simply extrapolate AIMCAT. Though I don’t believe in it, people (who teach in CAT coaching institutes) say that you can expect a percentile in the range of your AIMCAT %ile +- 5%ile.

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Rahul on July 5, at DI and grouped questions are R2 items for me. Sunil, Gejo is conducting a sequel — eSQC 2.

Team CL 20014 January 11, at Debosmita on July 1, at Prabhat Yadav on July 29, at 2: I have tried a lot to reduce this thing but in vain. GP on August 5, at 3: Dipak kumar singh on August 21, at 5: Sir, I saw the CAT test day video on the official website and the test interface shown in 20014 video is an exact match to the CL test platform so no surprises on the test day.

AIMCAT 1504-New: Scores And Discussion ~ (Invigilated: Oct 26-Nov 2, 2014)

GP on December 2, at 1: GP on July 14, at 4: Calls from the New IIMs might not be possible. Arpit, I will be posting an article on the analysis of a Mock and what all should you do after the paper shortly. In order to understand which questions you should attempt, always analyse your mocks to check which topics you are comfortable with.


Prashant, glad that the article has helped your identify a dark spot.

Your email address will not be published. Can you please tell how to decide which ques to attempt in first round?. The marks for gender diversity for females by some of the IIMs will be to your advantage.

Free AIMCAT examination for aspirants | education | Hindustan Times

Because s he picks and chooses questions to leave, s he does not miss out on the sitters and scores precious marks. This will give you a good chance of getting into the top IIMs. Team CL on September 27, at GP on July 31, at 9: With CAT expected to be slightly tougher leaving 2041 10 questions per section leading to an attempt of around 70 should be fine. So apart from question selection which you have mentioned earlier 1 what should be my focus from now on ,what to study and revise or do i need to practice some thing else 2 When i start giving mocks almost i feel some sort of panic and that has impacted my mock results.

Plz sir suggest me something to reduce this thing. Also attempts questions but is able to mark answers to only around questions with wrong answers and misses sitters. With 5min to go, i am left with 12 questions.

I have been spending 4 hours dedicatedly everyday. Thanks in advance sir… Reply.

Free AIMCAT examination for aspirants

Anonymous on September 14, at 4: Sir aimcar the CAT ask questions that requires application of formula of higher mathematics? BIM Trichy is decent, but you should aim for top B-schools.


Hello The verbal section requires consistent practice. This can be teamed up with a few tests on test Gym which you should take every second day.

It should look okay after you have practiced a few sets of data from Test Gym or the Mocks. Previous The art of solving RC passages. This will hopefully hep you identify the right questions to attempt in the paper.

Leaving questions improves your score. Mayank, please have a look at the IIM Profilizer. Soham Dutta on July 15, at 2: Thanks a lot for the article. GP on August 8, at 6: Most of the non-IIMs do not consider past academics for interview shortlisting and hence you should consider most of the colleges mentioned in the post Jayein toh jayein kahaan To begin with target attempts with wrong in QA.

The time saved by not attempting a few of these questions would lead to reduction of errors.

AIMCATs (Test Series)

GP on September 25, at 3: Parvez, your current work experience will be counted during placements. GP on July 7, at 3: Sir, Let us say i have followed your advice and chosen my attempts carefully.

GP on August 4, at 3: Sanchit Abrol on August 8, at 8: Team CL on October 7, at