10 Results The humanist contemporary political philosopher Webster Griffin Tarpley is our most incisive critic of Anglo-American hegemony. As an activist. Webster Tarpley – Against Oligarchy – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Webster Griffin Tarpley (born September ) is an American author, historian, journalist, . Against Oligarchy (); Surviving the Cataclysm: Your Guide through the Worst Financial Crisis in Human History (); updated edition,

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A Venetian saying of this period was Prima son Vinizian, poi son Cristian. At a gambling den, a young Venetian patrician picks a quarrel with the prince, who fears for his life until he is ushered into one of the chambers of the Council of Ten, where the offending patrician is strangled before his eyes.

At the taepley of his life Wagner moved to Palazzo Vendramin Callergi, where he died. They are allowed to do anything that will bring them to supreme power. ByContarini had personally interceded with the pope against Ignatius’ enemies within the church hierarchy to ensure the founding of the Society of Jesus as a new Church order.

Against Oligarchy Essays and Speeches, 1970-1996

loigarchy Meeting in secret session together with the doge and his six advisors, the Ten had the power to issue a bill of capital attainder against any person inside Venetian jurisdiction, or abroad.

All of these weaknesses are systematically exploited by “honest Iago,” a member of Othello’s staff who is determined to destroy him. Another version says that a boat was available, but that to board it would have meant certain assassination. The Venice-Genoa partnership is in evidence first of all in the banking side of the Spanish looting of the New World. The author’s claims are verifiable through diplomatic records, and conventional historical sources, and are eye-opening to say the least.


I would like to return to some of these themes today in order to explore them in greater detail. At the same time, the powerful Venetian propaganda apparatus swung into action, under the leadership of a Servite monk named Paolo Sarpi, whose lack of noble birth kept him from public oligarch.

A mad state cannot long stand. In every instance the Venetians sought to skim the cream off the top of world trade. With nothing left but the lagoons, the Venetian position was desperate.

Tarpley Webster Griffin – Against oligarchy – Balder Ex-Libris

Their profit margins had to be sufficient to cover a “traditional” twenty percent interest rate, the financing of frequent wars, and maritime insurance premiums, in which they were pioneers. Venice was repeatedly confronted with the problem posed by a triumphant enemy, at the height of his power, who would be perfectly capable of crushing the Serenissima in short order.

Even so, Cosimo and his cothinkers came close several times to welding an alliance capable of dominating the world, and the first to pay the price of their success would have been the Venetians. Petrarch was a contemporary tarplley the Ciompi revolt against oligarchical rule in Florence; he was certainly involved in Cola di Rienzo’s seizure of power in Rome in May, Want to Read saving…. Accordingly, in JulyAurelio Vergerio set off on a trip to the domain of Frederick the Wise, only to turn back at Innsbruck on account of illness.

Webster Griffin Tarpley — one of the most incisive critics of Anglo-American hegemony.

Various areas of the lagoons were colonized, including the present site of Torcello, before the seat of administration was fixed at a group of islands known as Rivus Altus “the highest bank”later the Rialto, the present location of the city of Venice. But on the death of Cosimo ‘s successor, Lorenzo the Magnificent, they began their systematic campaign to destroy the civilization of the high renaissance.


The islands of the lagoons provided an invulnerable refuge, comparable to Switzerland during World War II, for Roman aristocrats and others fleeing the paths of Goth, Hun, and Langobard armies. At the end of the fragment, his life has been ruined, and his death is imminent. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. On January 21, Tarpley was interviewed by Guns and Butter’s Bonnie Faulkner about “geopolitical terrorism and the destabilization of governments and how others like Russia and Belarus are responding”.

In later centuries, the harems of the entire Ottoman Empire, from the Balkans to Morocco, were stocked by Venetian slaves. The Urbs Opulenta referred to is of course the wealthiest of all cities, Venice. Zlatan rated it it was amazing Jul 15, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

This ploy was later replaced by the attempt to play the Byzantines off against the Carolingian Empire in the West, an attempt that almost misfired when the army of Charlemagne ahainst Pippin laid siege to Venice inside its lagoons.

Secondly, Venice more than any other state relied on armies of mercenaries, and thus embodied precisely that practice which Machiavelli knew had to be extirpated, in favor of citizen-soldiers, if Italy was to be saved from humiliating subjugation to the likes of the Hapsburgs. Dandolo drove a hard bargain: