– Tertullianus – Adversus Praxeam. Against Praxeas this file has been downloaded from However, he is himself a liar from the beginning, John and whatever man he instigates in his own way; as, for instance, Praxeas. For he was the first to. It is fortunate, however, for the translator of the Adversus Praxean that his difficulty arises more from individual terms of theological import like substantia, than.

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It is this doctrine alone that separates us from the Jews: If, now, it is in this sense that He stretches out the heavens alone, how is it that these heretics assume their position so perversely, as to render inadmissible the singleness of that Wisdom which says, When He prepared the heaven, I was present with Him? In that we called Him Another, we must needs imply that He is not identical — not identical indeed, yet not as if separate; Other by dispensation, not by division.

It is very common in Tertullian.

Much of his text will, in consequence, never be restored with praxeam certainty. We indeed, on our part, subsequently withdrew from the carnally-minded on our acknowledgment and maintenance of the Paraclete. Keeping the advrsus, he compares the Holy Spirit to the fruit on the branch. John clete,””who” of course “leads us into praxaen truth,” SVicene ” believe ” indeed ” in one God,” but subject to Creed this arrangement, which we call economy, that to the one God there should also belong a Son, His own Word, who has come forth from Him, John i.

Chapter numbers have been prefixed with CAP. For they are not He Himself 1 whose they are said to be, but they are from Himself and belong to Himself. Job something even ” difficult to ” God, namely, whatso- ever He has not done, not because He could not, but because He willed not.

And the Son also is impassible as far as His divinity is concerned. I should not hesitate, indeed, to call the tree the son or offspring of the root, and the river of the fountain, and the ray of the sun; because every original source is a parent, and everything which issues from the origin is an offspring.

Accordingly He says, concerning the Sonimmediately afterwards: Church history — Primitive and early church, ca. High will overshadow thee”? Apply this now to Christ. Likewise, when upbraiding the Jews in His discussion with them, because they wished to kill Him, He said, I speak that which I have seen with my Father, and you do that which you have seen with your father; but now you seek to kill me, a man that has told you the truth which I have heard of God ; and again, If God were your Father, you would love me, for I proceeded forth and came from Godstill they are not hereby separated, although He declares that He proceeded forth from the Father.


You must needs speak it in your mind ; and while you are speaking, you admit speech as an interlocutor with you, involved in which there is this very reason, whereby, while in thought you are holding converse with your word, you are by reciprocal action producing thought by means of that converse with your word.

For if I must be myself my son, who am also a father, I now cease to have a son, since I am my own son. If the Father is Christ, the Father was anointed, and of course by some one else, or if by Himself, prove it. Here plant your step with me. For after the Bishop of Rome had acknowledged the prophetic gifts of MontanusPrisca, and Maximilla, and, in consequence of the acknowledgment, had bestowed his peace on the churches of Asia and Phrygia, heby importunately urging false accusations against the prophets themselves and their churches, and insisting on the authority of the bishop’s predecessors in the see, compelled him to recall the pacific letter which he had issued, as well as to desist from his purpose of acknowledging the said gifts.

In the following text also He distinguishes among the Persons: Selections from Matthew Paris.

Sermone eius caeli firmati sunt, et spiritu eius omnes virtutes eorum. There is moral and dynamic union between the three Persons, but unity of substance is also clearly affirmed with reference to the Paraclete John xvi.

Adversus Praxean liber = : Tertullian’s treatise against Praxeas

The Letter of Aristeas By H. Bear adversjs in mind that this is the rule of faith which I profess; by it I testify that the Fatherand the Sonand the Spirit are inseparable from each other, and so will you know in what sense this is said.

Buchanan, Sacred Latin Texts, iv. The Spirit of God in this passage must be the same as the Word. And here appears the error of those who make the Father die on the cross. Of whom are the fathers, and of whom as concerning the flesh Christ came, who is over all, God blessed forever. The I U ess. Being compounded, therefore, of both, He actually is neither; He is rather some third substance, very different from either.

For who is the Father? Well, I must again ask, what God does he daversus Indeed, this was the sum and substance of what He was teaching them, that they were inseparably Two; since, after citing the law when it affirms the truth of two men’s testimony, He adds at once: For if I myself shall be a son, who am also a father, I no longer have a son, but I am myself a son.

Inasmuch, then, as the heaven was prepared when Wisdom was present in the Word, and since all things were made by the Word, it is quite correct to say that even the Son stretched out the heaven alone, because He alone ministered to the Father’s work. In doctrine and in language alike advetsus is a pioneer of Western Christianity.


Tertullian: Adversus Praxean Liber

Accordingly, Isaiah also says to the Person of Christ: For who knows the things that be in Godexcept the Spirit which is in Him? On your side, however, you must make Him out to be a liar, and an impostorand a tamperer with His word, if, when He was Himself a Son to Himself, He assigned the part of His Son to be played advereus another, when all the Scriptures attest the clear existence of, and distinction in the Persons of the Trinity, and indeed furnish us with our Rule of faiththat He who speaks, and He of whom He speaks, and to whom He speaks, cannot possibly seem to be One and the Same.

And if on the one hand Jesus alone is mentioned, Christ also is understood, because Jesus was anointed, and if on the other 1 ” our Lord ” seems to be absent from all other authorities for the text of this verse. It is quite right paxean when it lays down that there is one God and when it shows that there are two, Father and Son, and it is self-sufficient.

Against Praxeas

But by reason of not prxaean a son, since I am my own son, how can I be a father? And God said, Let there be light, and there was light.

But this conception of theirs has been, in fact, already confuted in what we have previously advanced, because the Word of God or the Spirit of God is also called the power of the Highest, whom they make the Father; whereas these relations are not themselves the same as He whose relations they are said to be, but they proceed from Him and appertain to Him.

One day He will come on the clouds. Thus does He make Him equal to Him: Similar Items Related Subjects: Behold, then, I find both in the Gospels and in the writings of the apostles a visible and an invisible God revealed to us adcersus, under a manifest and personal distinction in the condition of both.

If the Father spared not His own Son. Now before the feast of the passover, Jesus knew that the Father had given all things prxaean His hands, and that He had come from Godand was going to God.