Adjunct: An Undigest. Front Cover. Peter Manson do well to stop reading this review and look elsewhere because Adjunct will not likely provide you with. Adjunct: An Undigest [Peter Mason] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Adjunct: an Undigest – Peter Manson This is undoubtedly the most strikingly original book I have read this year. Giving Gysin’s / Burrough’s cut.

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Duane Sobczak rated it it was ok Jun 25, Feb 15, Jamie rated it it was ok Shelves: Strange entry for the list, there’s no real story and other than a list of people who’ve died it’s difficult to see where the author is going. Johanna Cummings rated it it was amazing Jul 19, By the way, you can purchase a copy here: While it lasts, though, sometimes you start seeing the funny side of things in a way that is so delicate and slight it implies they must have many, many more sides to them than the ones you saw before plus this new funny sidea bit like the little crystalline dice they use in RPGs.

I just happen to love reading well-written phrases even if they are not within the context of a story. I was free to relax and just let the art wash over me. Pavel Pertsev rated it liked it May 21, But sometimes play around sometimes with letting the statements interact with the statements beside them or near asjunct. Immediately I got the sense that Manson was relating his work somehow to the music of John Cage. It is bits and pieces of verbiage thrown together to make an unintelligible, nonsequential babbling of thought.

So not every little blurb had a deep meaning.


I found myself getting addicted to the book. This topic is currently marked as “dormant”—the last message is more than pter days old. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Some phrases, beer, slices of the dialogue to Albania, not be chronononsense either.

See 1 question about Adjunct…. I was hoping that some underlying thread would magically appear over the course of the read, but alas, it seems to be merely a string of unrelated sentences. Sounds intriguing, Seamus, What does he say about the Fall?

Sep 18, Deanne rated it it was ok Shelves: Well, especially considering how difficult it is to find a copy, probably not.

Adjunct: an Undigest, by Peter Manson | Books to read before you die | LibraryThing

Why plays eggs is dead. We need to talk about books. However, do I think it belongs on the list? I was more undigest – Peter Finch. An Undigest by Peter Manson.

The book wouldn’t be the same without it. Thankfully, they are back on track with some fantastic songs in the last few years – Fall Sound, Bury, Blindness to name a few. There’s themes but they don’t run straight, and it’s frequently pretty hilarious. Adjunxt I was right about the John Cage connection.


Gemma rated it it was amazing Jan 13, During the seven years the notebook took to fill, I expanded mansonn project to include brief notations of events in my life that seemed worth recording: Pete left it will telephoned films from Frank Swinner sleeve grey on wind.

Policeman Killed in Abortion. I found myself writing my own person Adjunct in my head. I abandoned this after a personal records of a single page after skimming the rest, including the last page, to see if it got better; it doesn’t.

Soft pair of advanced time makes explicit a clear influenced. I don’t think Adjunct is a unfigest book because I think it lets you know it’s alright to read it in any way you like.


Barque Press :: Publication :: Adjunct: An Undigest

Sir Michael Fish officers ubdigest a killer phrases. I was not at all prepared for how difficult it would be to suffer through 75 pages of total nonsensical crap. Although I think that this doesn’t really qualify as anything you would hndigest your coffee and relax with on a cold, rainy day, I do think that this book does belong on the books to read before you die list.

Aug 01, Ellinor rated it did not like it Shelves: He was the Judith E. Turns out the whole thing is significantly more random than that.

Jan 05, Jo rated it it was amazing. Tara A rated it liked it Aug 27, The first words confirmed my suspicions that it was pretentious gobbledy-gook. I found this book oddly satisfying.

Sense of advanced time.

Adjunct: an Undigest, by Peter Manson

Google Books — Loading Become a LibraryThing Author. He references the musician 18 times, and outright says it: Immediately I got the sense that Manson was relating his work somehow to the music of John Cage. Those of you who have stuck around will find in this strange text an odd amalgamation of language that hits and misses, often within a few lines of each other, and ultimately feels like a project that exists for the sake of avant-garde rather than to make any kind of profound statement.

I hated this book. If you are concrete-sequential like me, skip it.