Acharya S, also known as D.M. Murdock, is an independent scholar of French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and a smattering of other languages to. A Tribute to the Life and Work of DM Murdock aka Acharya S Murdock was proficient in English, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian, German. The latest Tweets from Religion and History (@AcharyaS). Acharya S/DM Murdock writes about the history of religion & mythology, including ‘The Christ.

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I do not exist at this moment if God and Jesus Christ are not real. The sun actually travels through parts of 13 constellations each year.

Archived from the original on May 7, Thank you for your note. For near 31 years, Acharya and I have had a very unique and heartfelt connection.

Acharya S/D.M. Murdock passed away December 25th, 2015

She never interacts with him directly in The Christ Conspiracy. These claims, and others equally strange, were widely circulated on the early internet.

The thesis of The Christ Conspiracy is that pagans and Jews who were Masons from the first and second centuries got together and invented the account of Jesus and his disciples in order to create a religion which it was hoped would serve as a one-world religion for the Roman empire.


Ann Steiner, among others. Fingerprints of The Christ Nov 27, She dedicated herself to trying to destroy the Christian religion, to the extent that she was able. But in terms of this book being a responsible account of the origin of Christianity, it is unsalvageable. Doane, took him out of context.

If you have to be an eyewitness in order to give an accurate account of history, then no one could write a text today providing a history of the American Civil War and, indeed, much of what we know historically would have to be discarded. She supports her position by quoting John Remsburg who wrote: In addition to all that we have just reviewed, a few other points stand out. Book 20, Section We all have the gift of eternal life within us, unaffected by our beliefs.

I wish they would! But her absurd interpretations indicate that she has not supported her view that the Hebrews as a nation had a practice of moon-worship.

And she never brought him back to life on earth, but gave him position as god of the mummies or of the netherworld. Jesus is only founder of a major world religion about whom deity is claimed in the first generation afterwards.


A Refutation of Acharya S’s book, The Christ Conspiracy – Risen Jesus, Inc.

That said, unless posts are simply personal abuse of me, I will try to post them. Miller, Director, Nemea Excavations Dr. It leads those who do it into a darkness of hate and eapaol. Buddhism’s Relation to Christianity: Murdock made regarding Freemasonry. Below are six comments from Murdock regarding Freemasonry. Christianity claims to offer us eternal life if we simply adopt their view of how life really is.

Murdock claims that Christians were never martyred by the masses. He drew over to him both many of the Jews, and many of the Gentiles. Yes, indeed, now she fspaol.

Robert Price is far from being a Christian. Dori grew up in Avon. Why does she think this?