In this course, students will gain an understanding of the concepts of object- oriented programming and develop business applications with ABAP Objects. BC ABAP – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Goal of the ABAP Objects (BC) course is to strengthen your ABAP skills by gaining a full understanding of object-oriented programming techniques.

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An actually existing object is abstracted to the significant dimensions that are to be mapped. The function module itself is here seen as a black box. IP to ascertain whether or not the line to be read Q has specific column contents: The standard key consists of all the fields with character-type data types c, n, d, t, x, string, xstring.

Again, if an error occurs, make sure the program terminates. The name of this default text cannot be changed.

SAP ABAP www.trainings.globalbsc.com ABAP Workbench

Packed numbers are thus well-suited to business calculations, where the correct rounding for the specified number of decimal places is very important.

In this case, it is sufficient to set the actual parameter of the caller in the example: This is particularly important if a super class needs to make local enhancements to handle errors: Separate each column name with a space. Software for a car enthusiast and software for a scrap merchant hc401 different abstractions classes for these objects. The generically-typed interface parameters of avap, function modules, and methods can use the information on the table kind. For the INTO clause, you will need a data object that has a line type compatible with that of the table being displayed.


The data reference in the data reference variable ref points to this object after the statement has been executed. Since the table is sorted, the first line can be specified to optimize performance at runtime using a binary ahap.

The relevant exception does not anap to be declared. Or, to formulate it differently: A public static component could then make the reference to the class available to an external user.


This data object can contain a pointer to another data object at runtime. You refer to each line in the internal table as a table line or table entry. The runtime system specifies the line to be changed using the key values from the work area ZD and changes the non-key fields using the other fields. The latter describes the ability of a class to have methods with the same name but a different signature.

You can use either of the above variants to do this. As part of this language clean up, the system sometimes executes stricter syntax checks for previously permitted constructions and obsolete statements are not allowed.

If absp Unicode flag is set for a program, the syntax check and program are executed in accordance with the rules agap in the Unicode online help irrespective of whether it is a Unicode or a non-Unicode system.

Otherwise they are automatically passed along. If a class providing friendship wants to access the non-public components of a friend, this friend has to explicitly provide friendship to it. What is the role of this class? The syntax of the first four of these statements is dealt with in the slides that follow. The way in which exception classes are assigned to one of these three paths in the hierarchy defines how the associated exceptions are passed along.

  93C46 SMD PDF

BC Col23 Object Programming. It contains the columns carrid, connid, distance and distid. Changes to method parameters signature changes are not possible.

Otherwise a runtime error occurs. For this, you must have defined the key of your internal table accordingly. Help Center Find new research papers in: Private components are genuinely private. This dynamically generated data object does not have its own name; it can only be addressed using the data reference variable. Create a default error message that can be enhanced dynamically to include the airplane type.

Other classes subscribe to this event triggered when a car is instantiated and process it. This allows you to shift part of the public point of contact of a class into an interface, even though the class is already in use; users will not notice the difference as long as you use alias names see appendix for the components that are now in the interface.

The only exception lies in the so-called “friend” concept, which will be dealt with later in the course. Fill in the UML diagram on the next page. The method is automatically executed for the current object.

However, it does process the flow logic. Your next step is to change this. You do this using named includes: