We’re an online A Battery Cell Reseller. A cells are not to be charged or discharged to the same voltages as Lipoly packs, therefore do not use these cells unless you are aware of the differences. products offers a lifepo4 battery pack products. About 50% of these are rechargeable batteries, 41% are battery packs, and 1% are auto.

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Remember Me Forgot Password? Mar 25, Some have posted they use these and they’re very durable long lasting almost indestructible. I’d like to find a source for new not recycled high quality a batteries. Sure would like to find 3. I’ve heard of people selling these on ebay but it’s chancy or hard to find an honest seller that has new ones versus recycled or factory rejects. These batteries already make heavy packs, so I want to at least get the max amphour rating from an a cell.

Share where we can buy these today. Lufepo4 hard on batteries and these sound real ljfepo4 for me. Leonard Q123 below are what I’ve found. Sure like some larger ones like radical rc 3.

That would make a good a 6s lipo equivalent pack.

A123 Automotive Lithium-ion Solutions

Images View all Images in thread. Shipping is a real deal killer. Last edited by leonard3k; Mar 25, at Too bad you wrote not recycled. I have over 50 cells peft from my A 4S26P supply pack for my charger I am selling.

OK here’s more I found This deal from megabatteries. This may be a good plan 6 cells 19v mah pack equivalent to a 5s lipo at 17oz Enough to make 3 packs keeping some spare in reserve. How is this seller megabatteries. Those are not A cells.

Sorry, just a stolen name. Mar 26, Try here I bought a few from them and been happy, but for all I know they may not be genuine A cells. These are supposed to be the “real deal”: Ten or more in the USA, good price. This is where our club members are getting the ones we use now.

Mar 27, And where we can get new ones at a good price. I’m still just looking and want to buy enough to build at least 2 medium to large High Voltage packs 18v to 21v 6 or 7 cells either 3. What do we know about these 3. Last edited by leonard3k; Mar 27, at Are these guys at arc. Because if these really are 2. Considering the increasing weight issue, this may be good to start with.


I’m hard on batteries and I like this durable kind with these good attributes. Thank you Gordon Leonard Somebody here said there are 10 places to get these batteries, I’ve been looking and hear lots of people talk about this without listing WHERE they buy the batteries. I’m looking and sharing anything good I find. Could you list those 10 places? Looking for good honest sales places that can be trusted a bit more than ebay with new batteries.

If we list these and others buy from your shared link that may help keep your source in business.

A Systems – Automotive Lithium-ion Solutions

I’d like to see these batteries get more popular in sales and production so price comes pifepo4 and we get more variety in sizes amphours. Commenting as I find stuff, looking back, for the power and weight the best packs could be made from the above mentioned k2 energy 3.

Originally Posted by leonard3k. I Ken, the 2. Thank you Ken Is it OK to solder these? How do you make your packs 5 cells or like max 7 cells A13 don’t have experience with these or making my packs but found that under moderate load in an article voltage is about 3v per cell at 30a load so am I about right to make a 7 cell pack to get an average 21 volts service I plan on moderate loads with WW1 warbirds maybe 15 amps with 13 or 14″ props Higher voltage would make up for the low amphour rating.

What do you think about the 3. Not much heavier and if they’re just as good I am not familiar these batteries. All of my packs are soldered. No real problem doing so. How to build packs with A cells can still be found online. How the packs are configured depends on the space they have to fit in.

I have a 3S pack in a Sensei trainer that I use with my student pilots. Two of the cells are in the typical place for a LiPo pack, and one is behind the former next to the LiPo compartment. At a 30 amp load, about 3 volts under load it a good guess. I always try to draw between 33 and 37 amps, with 35 amps being the target draw, as 35 amps yields about watts in per cell. My lifeop4 times average 6. There are absolutely, positively NO cells like real A cells, period!!!

They are truly a breed apart. I was really wanting to get 3. Figuring under load 3v per cell average. I fly kind of easy and like gliders and WW1 warbirds WW2 Lifepoo4 I’m trying to figure out what to do, go higher in voltage.


Like to know more what others are flying with that works good.

a lifepo4 | eBay

Or are most using just 3,4,or 5 a cell packs. Nobody I know does this where I live. Past experience has only been glo fuel planes and gliders with 3s batteries or system Batts hi-starts and javelin.

I have a 72″ pulsar that should be rebuilt, they made the nose short and so, tail heavy. Runs with a 3s hacker geared inrunner and a This will get a bigger longer fuse, it was so tight you had to remove the receiver from its case and only a slim thunder power 3s would fit. I fly 3S, 4S and 6S packs in various planes.

a123 lifepo4 battery pack

I built a 9S2P pack and a 10S2P pack for one of my flying buddies who converted a couple of his gasoline powered planes. No one I litepo4 uses 7 cells, not that you couldn’t, just no one does. My flying buddy, Keith Shaw uses all kinds of A packs in various cell counts. The packs ‘live’ in the planes, and never really come out unless the plane is sold or crashed, which ever comes first. For me, it is usually sold, although the odd crash still happens.

On the rare occasion it does, the packs, or cells go into other projects. Since I have lost two lfepo4 to crashes. That is cells, not packs. I just repurpose the cells into other packs.

I charge the packs at livepo4 amps and it takes anywhere from 8 to 10 minutes for a charge at the field. I have been an electric only flier since Started flying lifeepo4 and flew AMA precision aerobatics through the 70’s to the early 80’s, when I switched to all electric power. I would suggest you learn a lot more about electric power before trying conversions. You noted using Thunder Power packs.

I would recommend you search RC Groups to find out more about them before purchasing them. Return to Batteries and Chargers. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Question Lifepo4 a where to buy real new ones large sizes? Images View all Images in thread Views: Sign up now to remove ads lifeepo4 posts.

Ken Myers Registered User. Originally Posted by leonard3k I Ken, the 2. I am not familiar these batteries Images View all Images in thread Views: Originally Posted by leonard3k Some have posted they use these and they’re very durable long lasting almost indestructible.