Download Citation on ResearchGate | Modified Pseudo-Section for Resistivity and IP | Dipole–dipole induced-polarization measurements are commonly. A modified pseudosection for resistivity and IP Edwards L.S.. Geophysics 42(5): Dipole-dipole induced-polarization measurements are. In a dc resistivity or induced polarization (IP) survey we are generally Edwards, L. S., , A modified pseudosection for resistivity and IP: Geophysics,

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Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union 62 8: The role of modified pseudo-depth sections in interpretation of resistivity and induced polarisation data.

A modified pseudosection for resistivity and IP

Resistivity w for granite and tuff samples; influence of pore fluid resistivity on rock resistivity. This definition of effective depth is applied to other electrode arrays.

Geophysical Research Bulletin 20 3: Improvements to the Zohdy Method for the inversion of resistivity sounding and pseudosection data.

Email alerts New issue content alert. Volume 42, Number 5. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation.

By considering the theoretical results for simple earth models, a unique set of relative depth coefficients is empirically derived, such that measurements with different array parameters will ‘mesh’ smoothly into a combined pseudosection. It is shown that rough estimates of the depth to the top of an anomalous body can be made directly on the pseudosection, at true vertical scale. Window to Mesoproterozoic Earth.


Previous Article Next Article. A technique for groundwater quality monitoring using resistivity measurements made through a modified plastic well-screen. Geophysics 42 5: Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union 62 This site uses cookies.

Petrographic and hydrogeologic investigations for a district-scale ground-coupled heat cor State University, Indiana Geothermal Energy: Study on resistivity of crystalline and sedimentary samples; the influence of pore fluid resistivity and bulk surface conduction on rock resistivity.

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta From Tectonics to Groundwater. Other August 01, You do not currently have access to this article. The behavior of the apparent resistivity phase spectrum in the case of a polarizable prism in an unpolarizable half-space Geophysics. Engineering Geology Special Publication: The effective depths for various arrays are compared; the results agree with the traditional applications of each array.

Mineral discrimination and removal of inductive coupling with multifrequency IP; discussion and reply Geophysics. It is shown, by examples, that the resulting pseudosections give consistent estimates of depth to top, within the characteristic anomaly patterns of each array. Sulfidic early basin strata as key markers of Cordilleran shortening and Eocene extension Belt Basin: Abstract Dipole-dipole induced-polarization measurements are commonly presented as pseudosections, but results using different dipole lengths cannot be combined into a single pseudosection.

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, Effect of well casings on surface electrical surveys Geophysics.

Continuous resistivity measurement using the m borehole at the Nojima Fault in Awaji Island, Japan; resistivity change evaluation using 3D Resistovity modeling. Inexpensive instruments for water exploration at a local level in developing nations Geoscience for the Public Good and Global Development: Processes on the Early Earth.


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A modified pseudosection for resistivity and IP. The empirical coefficients are compared with Roy’s theory of ‘depth of investigation characteristic,’ and support that theory, if a modified definition of ‘effective depth’ is accepted.

Geophysical Prospecting 47 2: Application of these coefficients to a number of theoretical and field cases shows that they give reasonable results when applied to more complicated models. On measuring the electrical conductivity of the oceanic crust by a modified magnetometric resistivity MMR method. Edwards; A modified pseudosection for resistivity and IP.

modified pseudosection for resistivity and IP | Geophysics | GeoScienceWorld

Citing articles via Web Of Science A result of Archean to Proterozoic, Turkic-type orogenesis? You could not be signed in. An evaluation of Bristow’s method for the detection of subsurface cavities Geophysics. Sign In or Create an Account. The modified pseudo-depth section as a tool in resistivity and IP prospecting; a case history. Comparing semiquantitative logic trees for archaeoseismology and paleoseismology: A modified pseudosection for resistivity and IP L.