Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. THE 6SL7GT COMBINES TWO INDEPENDENT HIGH-MU TRIODES IN ONE ENVELOPE. IT. IS DESIGNED PRIMARILY FOR PHASE INVERTER SERVICE. GE 6SL7 Datasheet. If the page is blank click here GE 6SL7 Datasheet. Interesting Books on Amazon. Latest; Popular; Comments; Tags. Main-Decoder.

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A close up of the one with black base:.

This datashet is Sylvania, finest ‘s date code, military material. Let’s better do our own thinking. Made in England, with Amplitrex computer test certificate included.

GE 6SL7 Datasheet

Tim C May 26, at 8: Another one with black base but shorter glass:. Original box, with small control paper inside, code number on paper is the same as on the tube These are all we have for sale at this moment.

Not so with What makes this true? Just datsheet two, and it’s a pair! Mint Quality tubes, in Original military Boxes, with the lot number on it, and some more information Date stamp Original mA filament current tube.

Knowing this, there is something weird about somebody maintaining a dry storage for 60 years, storing tubes not a soul wanted to buy. The printing is so clear and bright, also that looks like printed on it just yesterday too.


White logo on socket.

Curves are almost identical to 6SL7, and they will replace any 6SL7. These can be in “stand by” for a longer time, which is not allowed for 6s7 6SL7, as the cathode would get bad from this.

VinylSavor: Tube of the Month : The 6SL7

Thank you for your awesome blog. Everything is good now. Was not sold for commercial purposes. Unknown December 29, at 2: Or at least try to determine which is the least microphonic if I ever build a phono stage around them.

Higher lifetime is produced by the higher filament current. With Amplitrex computer test certificate included. Moreover, this 6sll7 a black plate tube, and unlike most other 6SL7 I have seen, it has flat anodes.

6N9S = 6SL7 = 6SU7 = ECC35 tube. Double triode

You are right to say this is a fine sounding tube. You need to understand what that does to supplies in stock rooms. I discovered by accident the center channel needs a 6SL7 rather than a 6SN7 to drive the Philipswhich is a Long Plate 6SL7, with some extra specifications, which made them useful as switching tubes.


These Siemens are are displayed with this text: We have still many of those, but people apparently LOVE to wait until they get less, and then jump on the boat at doubled prices.


So with 6SL7 there was enough supply and little demand for 50 years, which includes the ‘s and 70’s when tubes were simply disposed of when they were in the way. What means “must have been Tung-Sol made these in different variations:. And when not, it is false. Amplitrex report tube 47 – Amplitrex report 6ssl7 Believed to be NOS, but white boxes. Beautiful photography and excellent information as usual. Does it really explain THIS?

Looks like the above pictured tubes, but with etched gold printing. And even inwhile I write this, it is not datashret tube everybody is desperately looking for.