The A function generator and all associated options will be The Keysight Technologies A func- . Operating manual, service manual, quick. Service Guide. Publication Number (order as manual set) The Agilent Technologies A is a 20 MHz synthesized function. Buy Keysight Technologies A Function Generator 20MHz GPIB, LAN, USB A. Operating manual, service manual, quick reference guide, IntuiLink.

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Index If you have questions relating to the operation of the Agilent A, call in the United States, or contact your nearest Agilent Technologies Office. The commands used for FSK are listed on the next page.

Agilent Technologies 33220A User Manual

Features And Functions Features and Functions This chapter makes it easy to look up all the details about a particular feature of the function generator. Press the Interp softkey to enable or disable linear interpolation between waveform points this feature is available from the front panel only.

The Status Byte enable register is cleared when: Page Index gated burstdefault address 48 invert waveform 67 gated burst mode front-panel configuration 48 IP address 50, gateway address service request dot notation 52 gaussian noise setting address 48 further information 52 332220a immediate trigger, address 48, Duty cycle represents the amount of time per cycle that the square wave is at a high level assuming majual the waveform polarity is not inverted.

Sweep Overview The following is an overview of the steps required to generate a sweep. Unsecure or secure the instrument for calibration.

Errors are cleared as you read them. Page Chapter 5 Error Messages Execution Errors Settings conflict; FM deviation cannot exceed carrier The carrier frequency must always be greater than or equal to the manuql deviation.

A Service Manual – A Waveform Generator from Agilent/Keysight

A list of help topics is also available to assist you with several front-panel operations. Symmetry represents the amount of time per cycle that the ramp wave is rising assuming that the waveform is not inverted. This error is also reported when a character-type parameter is too long.


SOUR command to select the source from which the sweep will be triggered. Page Chapter 3 Features and Functions Frequency Sweep Marker Frequency If desired, you can set the frequency at which the signal on the front- panel Sync connector goes to a logic low during the sweep. The Standard Event enable register is cleared when: The edge time is adjusted first, and then the duty cycle to accommodate the specified period, conforming to the following restriction.

Simplified Programming Overview Chapter 4 Remote Interface Reference Simplified Programming Overview Simplified Programming Overview This section gives an overview of the basic techniques used to program the function generator over the remote interface.

Page 78 Chapter 3 Features and Functions Amplitude Modulation AM Modulation Depth Manula modulation depth is expressed as a percentage and represents the extent of the msnual variation. Each byte is expressed as a decimal value, with no leading zeros for example, This rear-panel connector is used in the following modes: Page Chapter 3 Features and Functions Burst Mode Burst Period The burst period defines time from the start of one burst to the start of the next burst.

The default is VPP. Index amplitude limitations 56 period modulating frequency frequency mwnual 56 burst mode modulating source 88, modulation modes allowed front-panel selection 17 modulating waveform 87 pulse period limitations pulse waveform 70 modulation 85 output impedance period, pulse modulation waveshape affect on amplitude We have written the exercises in this chapter to prepare the instrument for use and help you get familiar with some of its front-panel operations. Select linear or logarithmic spacing for the sweep.

Each character must be a letter “a” Instrument State Storage The function generator majual five storage locations in non-volatile memory to store instrument states.

Index affect on amplitude mahual PM 85 load termination 35 PWM 93 offset affect on amplitude 3322a0 tutorial description amplitude limitations 60,local language, help 28 modulation depth AM 77,local operation LAN modulation depth, percent modulation arb waveform limitations 61, logarithmic sweep This section describes the low-level commands used to program the function generator to output a pulse waveform.

Chapter 3 Features and Functions Remote Interface Configuration Subnet Mask LAN Subnetting allows the network administrator to divide a network into smaller networks to simplify administration and to minimize network traffic. Chapter 3 Features and Functions Calibration Overview 33220w Message The function generator allows you to store one message in calibration memory in the mainframe.


Chapter 3 Features and Functions Output Configuration Voltage Autoranging Autoranging is enabled by default and the function generator automatically selects the optimal settings for the output amplifier and attenuators.


The default is no password. If a manual trigger is received, it is ignored and no error will be generated. Tutorial In order to achieve the best performance from the Agilent A, it may be helpful for you to gain a better understanding of the internal operations of the instrument. 33220a

This error may be the result manhal a device failure or extreme conditions such as lightning or strong magnetic fields. Make sure you have read the security code rules described on page before attempting to change the security code.

This chapter describes basic signal-generation concepts and gives specific details on the internal operations of the function generator. Vpp, Vrms, or dBm. This generic message indicates that the waveform amplitude has been limited to an upper or lower boundary.

Nonvolatile arb waveform memory corruption detected The non-volatile memory used to store arbitrary waveforms has detected a checksum error. You can also select an infinite burst count.

33220A Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 20 MHz

Chapter 5 Error Messages Execution Errors Settings conflict; manuaal able to sweep noise, sweep turned off The function generator cannot generate a 33220q using the noise function. Page 84 Chapter 3 Features and Functions Frequency Modulation FM Frequency Deviation The frequency deviation setting represents the peak variation in frequency of the modulated waveform from the carrier frequency.

The Nyquist Sampling Theorem states that in order to prevent aliasing, the highest frequency component of the desired output waveform must be less than half of the sampling frequency.