25LC datasheet, 25LC pdf, 25LC data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Microchip, K SPI Bus Serial EEPROM. 25LC K SPI Bus Serial Eeprom Part Number 25LC 25AA VCC Range V V Page Size 64 Byte 64 Byte Temp. Ranges E I Packages . The Microchip Technology Inc. 25AA/25LC (25XX*) are Kbit Serial Electrically Erasable. PROMs. The memory is accessed via a simple Serial .

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All other operations function normally. WP going low will have no effect on the write. Standard and Pb-free packages available.

BP1 and BP0 bits Figure This allows the user to install. The CS pin must. If CS is brought high during a. It is therefore necessary for the. ESD protection on all pins The partitioning is controlled as. These commands are shown in.


The HOLD pin must be. The 25lv256 enable latch is reset on power-up. While the device is paused. A high-to-low-level transition on CS is required to.

25LC Datasheet pdf – K SPI Bus Serial EEPROM – Microchip

Refer to Figure and Figure After all eight bits of the instruction are. This is a stress rating only and functional operation of the device at those or any other conditions above those. All inputs and outputs w. The WREN instruction will set the. Reset the vatasheet enable latch disable write operations.

The SI pin is used to transfer data into the device.

ddatasheet V SS? WPEN bit in the Status register control the. The 25XX must remain selected. The following is a list of conditions under which the. The SCK is used to synchronize the communication. For endurance estimates in a specific. The SO pin is used to transfer data out of the 25XX Exposure to maximum rating conditions for an. Output Valid from Clock. The device is selected by pulling CS low.


(PDF) 25LC256 Datasheet download

The Status register may. Figure and Figure A write enable instruction must be issued to set.

Set the write enable latch enable write operations.